Weekly Outlook: November 19 – 25

As I sat down to write up this week’s outlook, I decided I needed a little music therapy. I also thought, why not add some music. I haven’t done that in a while. So I hit play, shuffle, and forward 3 times. 

For those of you who are visual people, I thought I would put this in a table. It can’t hurt to allow my quirky organization into this realm. 

Angel CardAce of FireThree of WaterFour of Fire
Turn SignalFuelMustLove
MusicWalking on
Hell is for ChildrenLovers Who Wander

Because it is Thanksgiving here in the United States, I pulled 2 extra cards regarding what we should be thankful for (in case you didn’t know).

Be Thankful For
Fall: trip, small error, or change of season
Renewal: new beginnings/directions and confident choices
It’s not how we fall. It’s how we get back up again. Patrick Ness 

So what does all of this mean? 

Well, first of all, Monday and Tuesday’s information says we have been struggling with something. If we stay positive and find our motivation (sunshine/fuel) we can change things now. A new opportunity is right there for us to take. It’s a fresh start folks. What do we have to lose?

As we move to Wednesday and Thursday, it’s time to focus on family. Why “Hell is For Children”? Because we are supposed to be thankful for all that we have. It’s Thanksgiving after all. Even if you don’t have much, now is the time to share with others. There has to be a bible verse about this, right? Someone share one would ya. Thanks!

The weekend is interesting. Again, you are probably wondering about the song. “Lovers who Wander” is from Dion and the Belmonts. That’s 50’s music and to me, that’s partying and celebration. The weekend has us feeling content. After time with family and friends, what else could we be? We are renewed in our feelings of romantic love and unconditional love. We know we are safe. (seems a little anti-climatic after her mom coming through huh?)

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