25 Years: Years 21-now, 13 – 18

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can already hear some of you now. I cheated and did not really outline every year. Well, I argue that I don’t need to because quite frankly, anyone still reading this at this point has known us and probably knows about the last five years due to Facebook. 

I will apologize for skipping yesterday. That was intentional. I didn’t want to interrupt family time.

There are things about the last five years that to me, seem like life just keeps getting more difficult. But if you step back for a second, it really isn’t. Life is just cyclical. We have always had struggles along the way. I think right now we just don’t have as many positives to distract us from the negatives. But it will all balance again. 

Since our 20th anniversary, we have had a lot happen:

  • Job losses
  • Job gains
  • Added Lucy and Thomas to the family (cats)
  • Lost Morgan
  • Lost a Grandma
  • Lost an Aunt
  • Lost another friend to suicide
  • Eric graduated high school
  • Alec graduated college
  • More job losses
  • More job gains

We have survived this crazy roller coaster ride for one reason and one reason only. Love. It is only love that can make one human exhibit as much patience as I believe John and I afford each other. Love keeps us communicating, even when we don’t really like each other. Love allows us to act with grace, even when the other doesn’t deserve it. Love gives us unconditional hope that the next day will be/have what we always wanted.

Love even asks, do you need anything, when coming home from work.

Just you baby.

For the next 25 years ❤️

Happy anniversary!!

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