New Year’s Resolutions – Bake Once a Week

Whether you are setting resolutions, goals, or just intentions, chances are you’re trying to start NEW habits and probably STOP old, bad habits. This year I decided my one word for the year wasn’t enough. (The irony is 2019’s word was “intention.”)

For 2020, I have 3 words and 12 resolutions. I don’t really want to go into all of that now though. It’s just to explain where my next month’s worth of posts will come from…my road.

Today, I finally forced myself to bake like I had promised. I should be baking once a week. Why? Because I enjoy it. I spend a lot of time in my life trying to make others happy. 2020 is about making my heart happy.

Eric has some about to expire bananas and rather than waste them, I am baking banana muffins.

I used this recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I had to substitute allspice for nutmeg, and margarine for the unsalted butter (left out the salt too). We had some left over cinnamon streusel topping, so I added that to the top. It smells so delicious!

Watch Instagram to see how these yummy smelling muffins turn out. And stay tuned for new posts, new topics, and just all around joy ❤️.

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