Wednesday 3 Card Reading

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Very: In this placement, I believe it implies there will be a lot of “extra” in your life today, or at least things you think are unnecessary. Look at the situation from as many angles as possible.

Help someone else

Went: When growing, sometimes we have to revisit the past. We need reminders of previous happiness, sadness, mistakes, and adventures. We need reminders about what to try again and what to avoid. What lessons from the past do they need to revisit?

Watch for

Love: Love is more than just like. Love is unconditional. Love is passionate. Love is romantic. Love is affectionate. It can be a person, place, or thing.  This is a simple reminder of something you love, even if you didn’t realize it. 

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  1. katriter says:

    Wacky Wednesday! Love it! Love your hair💕. Another great reading. You inspire me everyday. Thank you for being the bright light I look forward to each day.


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