Chakra Alignment II

Hey there! I mentioned this a week ago, but here’s more information on Chakra Healing II.

For Chakra II, we typically want you to have taken Chakra I (but I don’t think it is currently required). With a base knowledge of the 7 Chakras, another layer will be added about each chakra and how to heal them in pairs.

There will be weekly conversations. Initially, it will be Terri Mulvey Good and me. But we want you to share too. We will be asking for you to participate each week. This is about humans helping humans. What if you don’t want to share? That’s okay too. Everyone at their own pace.

There will be journal prompts.

There will be coaching and establishing some routines to support your chakra healing.

There will be weekly distance Reiki with individualized feedback and suggestions.

There will be access to an app to remind you to do all of these things PLUS provide access to a chat where you can share as a class/community. The app is where everything is stored.
In the app, there will be access to meditations, yoga routines, and other habits we will use to strengthen our Chakras.

If you are interested, please sign up asap! The deadline is Tuesday if you want the smudging-crystal kit on time.

Here’s the link:

Some of you may be surprised by the price for 1 month. Please remember:

  • This is a small business for Terri and Infinite Synergy is her company/livelihood
  • It is less than $50/week for your SELF-CARE — you are worth it
  • You will have access to several different workouts, meditations, and yoga flows designed specifically for Chakra healing in pairs
  • You will have access to recordings of all of the live sessions for 5 weeks
  • You will have 4 Distance Reiki healing sessions, a $200 value all by itself
  • You will receive ongoing coaching through the week based on your individual needs
  • You can take the course again for just $50 month after month (via recording, does not include Distance Reiki)

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