Friday 3 Card Reading

Please click on Live Reading below if you are interested in a personalized reading. Don’t forget! This is the final week for the discounted rate.

If you are interested in the Chakra II course, send me a message or email.


Keep: When we have a growth mindset, we are willing to look within and evaluate what we give importance to in our hearts. Sometimes there is too much. Sometimes it is superficial. Sometimes we get distracted. Whatever is challenging you today, look in your heart to know the answer.

Help someone else

Trip: It is time to break away and take a little trip. This could be an actual journey to a physical location, or it could be a quick meditation.

Watch for/Remember

Path: In life, we encounter many little dirt paths. Some serve as shortcuts. Others as detours. And some are just remnants of others’ adventures. Watch for and take one of these paths today (or this weekend).

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