Happy Monday 3 Card Reading

Chakra II begins on Saturday! We’d love you to sign up by Tuesday so you can get your smudging/crystals before Saturday. But you really have through Friday.

You really don’t want to miss it. Terri and I are doing this because we have fun together and want to share that fun, and some helpful knowledge at the same time.

Sign up NOW!


Wish: I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a genie in a bottle. I also don’t have any magic beans, or even any candles to blow out. That means I have to make my own wishes come true. How do I do that? You got it, hard work and perseverance. But before that what do I do? Make a PLAN.

That’s right! Make a PLAN! Write it down. Make some checkpoints. Determine what indicators let you know you are on track. How will you handle it when you aren’t? The more you plan for now, the easier it will be to execute when it is emotionally challenging.

Help someone else

Kids: It is time to start something new OR breathe some life into something you have previously done. New can be scary but it can also be invigorating. Old can seem “already done” but what if you can do it better now? What if people weren’t ready yet? The point is DOING something.

Watch for/Remember

Open: Our inner light shines brightest when there are no obstacles in the way. When we are living our most transparent life. Life without limit. Life without judgment. Life without preconceived definitions. Look for opportunities to scream this from the rooftops today.

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