Tuesday, Sept 27 – 3 Card Reading

Chakra II begins on Saturday! We’d love you to sign up by midnight tonight so you can get your smudging/crystals before Saturday. But you really have through Friday.

You really don’t want to miss it. Terri and I are doing this because we have fun together and want to share that fun, and some helpful knowledge at the same time.

Sign up NOW!


More: More, more, more. Some people can never get enough. More money. More food. More fun. More time. More, more, more. Balance your wants and your needs. No one wants an entitled friend. 

Help someone else

Hear: Surrounded by infinite noise, we struggle to hear. We listen to respond, but we don’t always listen to hear. Sometimes we just need to hear a different perspective. Sometimes we just need to hear we are okay. And sometimes we just need to be heard.

Watch for/Remember

Join: While being alone can be comforting to many, the best way to grow still requires others. Find a team. Join a group. You need to be part of something that is bigger than you so you can adjust your perspective.

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