Wacky Wednesday 3 Card Reading

Chakra II begins on Saturday! You can still sign up, but you can no longer get the free crystal/smudging kit. We really would love for you to join us, and we can coach you on how to gather the materials for the kit (or where to purchase the one we offered).

I previously mentioned that Terri and I are focused on having fun while also learning and adjusting our energy. Think of it this way, have you ever watched the movie Monsters Inc? In the movie, they learn that happy, laughing energy holds more value than fear-based energy, and it is a million times easier to get. Ruminate on that a bit, and then…Sign up! Self-care is so much more fun with other people.


Dust: I truly love the message that comes with this card. If you are collecting dust, are you really living? My answer is NO. Time to dust ourselves off and go gather some dirt. It’s completely different, I promise!

Help someone else

Zeal: Remind that stranger/friend/loved-one that it is okay to do the things they love. “It’s okay to be you, boo.” What others think doesn’t matter. It only matters what makes them happy…obviously, we are talking positive, love, and light-based ideals and not anything dark.

Watch for/Remember

Quit: This one needs to quote the book.

“This is your warning to stop what you are doing. Don’t repeat that action ever again. Seriously.”

Today, you will be very obviously told what that is. Pay attention because if you don’t change, there will be a cost. Sorry.

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  1. katriter says:

    Great advice once again. I look forward to these daily readings. Thx 🥰

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