Thursday 3 Card Reading

Chakra II begins on Saturday! You can still sign up, but you can no longer get the free crystal/smudging kit. We really would love for you to join us, and we can coach you on how to gather the materials for the kit (or where to purchase the one we offered).

Sign up! Self-care is so much more fun with other people.


Moon: The Earth and Moon will forever be bonded by gravity. This bond creates unique cycles. What cycles have you formed with those around you? Are they healthy or harmful?

Help someone else

Town: We live in many different places. There are temporary tents. There are nests for comfort. There are homes too. But a town is bigger. Spiritually, take a 30,000 ft look at your life. Where do you live? That is your town. Keep it clean and take care of it, just like you would your nest.

Watch for/Remember

Iced: There are times in this world when things just aren’t right. It could be the situation, or maybe it’s a person. We all have moments where we feel down and we aren’t sure why, and other times we know with 99% accuracy the issue. 

Either way, we needed to feel bad so we could appreciate the good.

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