Wednesday, Oct 5 – 3 Card Reading

If you find yourself wanting to correct someone today, instead, ask them how you can help. Use grace instead of judgment.


Able: There’s a saying that God only gives you what you can handle. The truth is you can handle ANYTHING once you decide you can. Whatever you are asking about, you can do. Keep a positive outlook and you’ve got this. Let’s go!

Help someone else

View: Dozens of stimuli impact us at one time and it is up to our brains to make sense of it all. Some can process more stimuli at one time than others. No matter how quick you are, this card is a reminder that we all have to be extra attentive at times, and now is one of those.

Remember/Watch for

Blue: A wise woman once said, “You can’t be happy every day.” Sometimes you just need to sit down with that pint of ice cream and embrace the mood. Once you finish feeling all the feels, you will be ready to move forward. We need blue to make purple.

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