Strengthening the Sacral Chakra

What is it?

In the last few decades, Chakras have become a part of popular culture. Many people reference the colors, imagery, and feelings related to these energy hubs in their daily lives. There are seven chakras in the human body, and five more outside, making up the 12 major chakras. Each chakra has its own characteristics, and some people may exhibit one chakra more than another.

The Sacral Chakra is located below the belly button, in the area we tend to think of as our sexual center. It connects our root and solar plexus chakras, and it provides us with that feeling of creativity, intimacy, and overall joy about life. You may have heard of Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs. In regards to educating adolescents, Maslow’s hierarchy supports that adolescents must have their basic needs met before they can begin to do any higher-level processing. The same applies to your personal system of chakras. We discussed in Strengthening Your Root Chakra that by providing that strengthened sense of security/safety, one could move on and work on the next chakra. Usually, that’s the Sacral. And still following Maslow, the next step is to feel loved and have a relationship with someone else that matters. I’m in awe of how Maslow built his pyramid in a way that mirrors the chakras.


The Sacral Chakra is not only our center of self-expression but really is about having fun and enjoying the wonder of life. Some examples of Sacral chakra energy in action:

  1. An expectant mother
  2. Some art/craft supplies
  3. Several women dancing
  4. Someone writing

As mentioned before, Earth also has a chakra system. It is widely believed Earth’s Sacral chakra can be found at Lake Titicaca between Bolivia/Peru.


So how will I know it’s my sacral chakra that is unbalanced and not my throat chakra or one of the other chakras?

The most obvious sign of a sacral blockage is an overall uninspired approach to life. This may look like laziness or depression. The most obvious sign of an overactive sacral is addiction or substance abuse. There are many other indicators and variations of those included in the image to the right.

Our pets might show an imbalance in their sacral chakra by excessively laying around (more than usual), eating food non-stop (they need a timer), or maybe even humping everyone’s leg. 

Plants show an imbalance in their sacral when they fail to reproduce or even flower (plants often display both male and female parts).

Even Earth is showing an imbalance in her Sacral Chakra. A balanced Earth Sacral chakra would result in an overall feeling of joy and would create a drive for more adventure. Unfortunately, only a small, small percentage of us feel that balance. For the rest of Earth, our suicide rates are up (#3 cause of death) and so are our homicide rates (#2). Birth rates are down. Schools are experiencing a lack of funding so they are shutting down the creative programs again. There’s an imbalance.


How can we begin to balance out all of this imbalance? 

As humans, we have many different ways to heal our own chakras, especially the sacral chakra. 


One way to work on adjusting energy in the body is through affirmations. For the sacral chakra, we want affirmations that address the challenges for the chakra itself:

  • I am creative.
  • I love my body.
  • I am sensual and can be intimate with others without feeling shame.
  • _____ inspires me.
  • I know my place in the greater world.
  • I release my need for distractions because I love my life as it is.
  • I react appropriately to each situation.
  • I do not need drama in my life. I need peace.
  • My identity is based on ME and me only.


In addition to affirmations, other physical activities will support balancing and strengthening our sacral chakra. These include but are not exclusive to:

  • Add more orange to your life
  • Eat more orange-colored, protein-rich, high-water-content foods
  • Be creative: dance, play, draw, write
  • Go swimming or to the beach
  • Meditate to help with self-expression (control of emotions)
  • Use Yoga to open up those hips
  • Tap into crystal energy: carnelian, tiger-eye, orange calcite
  • Tap into essential oils: jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, sweet orange, and rose


Imagine a world where everyone’s Sacral Chakra was open and balanced. What would it look like? 


What does that look like? Begin with creating your own joy. Do something silly. Have a little fun.

What would the surface of the Earth look like if it’s Sacral Chakra was balanced? For Earth, a healthy Sacral energy hub would mean the creation of life. The creation of life equals evolution to this science teacher, and isn’t the entire purpose of any being on Earth to evolve into something better? Even Maslow knew that.  

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  1. Love all this advice. I feel like I was meant to find this post today. Thank you!

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