Wednesday, Oct 12 – 3 Card Reading

Wednesdays are my Mondays, BUT I’m usually graced with great music to balance it out. How do you find balance when you are faced with a struggle that is inevitable? Start by just noticing something positive. Make a note of it mentally or even on your phone. Seriously. If it’s visual, snap a pic. I’ll explain why later, just do it!


JOIN: While being alone can be comforting to many, the best way to grow still requires others. Find a team. Join a group. You need to be part of something that is bigger than you so you can adjust your perspective. 

Personal reflection: I may completely resemble this…shhh…we all need growth opportunities, don’t judge.

Help someone else

Beau: Those we choose to surround ourselves with are critical to our inner light. This could be a love interest or a potential friend. Someone you feel like you have known forever. Be careful, you don’t want to scare them away you are going to need this person.

Personal reflection: I wonder if we will encounter this person when we JOIN something?

Watch for/Remember

Aura: The light you emanate is your strength, and anything associated with this card can only strengthen you more. The universe desires chaos, whereas we crave organization and balance. True balance lives along that spectrum and differs from person to person.  Where will you find yours?

Personal reflection: This is just beautiful. My personal balance story is the intro to this article. MUSIC. It’s my balance.

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  1. katriter says:

    It’s pouring rain as we speak. We really need that here. I love the sound of rain upon the steel roof of my house. Being a go with the flow day, it makes me especially happy. I volunteer on Wednesdays working with K-5th graders in an after school program JAM (Jesus and Me). Kids play games, have a snack, hear a lesson about the Bible, and do a craft. All in 90 minutes. 💕 It is amazing and free for anyone wanting to participate. The card reading spoke to me today as I begin to get involved once again in giving back. Another great reading. Thank you Krystal❤️

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