Thursday, Oct 13 – 3 Card Reading

In October, we wear PINK!!!


SEND: The Universe is full of everyone’s swirling energies, intermingling, tickling, and taunting. Depending upon the message you put out, you will receive power back. What energy are you attracting? How can you attract the energy you desire?

Personal reflection: I grew up believing this was karma.

Help someone else

YOUR: We keep our inner light shining by owning our daily actions, good or bad. Take a moment to reflect. How have you impacted this situation? How can you own it and move it forward?

Personal reflection: Owning it is so hard!!!

Watch for/Remember

MIND: One of our greatest enemies can be our own mind. We can get stuck there, repeating the same foul message, over and over.

Personal reflection: YES! Replace the nasty messaging with something positive and life-affirming!

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