Wednesday, Oct 19 – 3 Card Reading

This reading can be viewed the usual way, as seen below. OR it can be that View and Rest are part of the Cure you need. There are multitudes of ways to perceive messages. These are just two. You may have another. I’m cool with that <wink-wink>.


CURE: The solution you are looking for will be permanent. It could be something surface-level or maybe something deeper. Something you encounter today is critical to your healing process.

Help someone else

VIEW: Dozens of stimuli impact us at one time and it is up to our brains to make sense of it all. Some can process more stimuli at one time than others. No matter how quick you are, this card is a reminder that we all have to be extra attentive at times, and now is one of those.

Watch for/Remember

REST: Every strong spirit knows that occasionally you have to take a break and recharge. It may be to rest, but it may also just be to remove yourself from the situation. Whatever the reason, now is the time, even if it’s just a little break.

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