Thursday, Oct 20 – 3 Card Reading

Today the Universe had different plans for us. Each card builds on the next.

VERY: Whatever card is associated with this one, you have now increased its impact. Read carefully and look at it from all angles. When paired with another deck, the partner card helps see at least one of the angles.

MINE: There are people who walk this Earth with protective coats – nothing sticks to them. Unfortunately, you are not one of those people. It’s time to own it. Own what you ask? When paired with another deck, whatever the partner card says, you need to own. Be open to feedback and adjust.

OPEN: Our inner light shines brightest when there are no obstacles in the way. When we are living our most transparent life. Life without limit. Life without judgment. Life without preconceived definitions. When paired with another deck, let the partner card get you back to that state.

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