Monday, Oct 24 – 3 Card Reading

Give yourself grace today.

If you are interested in angel paintings, here’s my Instagram: @findyourroadhome.


FEEL: Feelings make us who we are. We cannot ignore them, no matter how hard we try. What are your happiest feelings? How do you get them? You may be stuck in memory lane – it’s okay. Just give yourself grace and put on that waterproof mascara.


FIND: Sometimes we don’t know what we are missing until we encounter it. Be open to this area of growth. Love, the Universe

Remember/Watch for

BEAU: Those we choose to surround ourselves with are critical to our inner light. This could be a love interest or a potential friend. Someone you feel like you have known forever. Be careful, you don’t want to scare them away, because you are going to need this person. More than likely, you overshared. Don’t try to fix it. Just don’t do it again.

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