November Fall Force Episode 1 of 4

Welcome to Week 1 of November Fall Force, where we will create momentum through the holidays to have you READY for 2023.

Week 1 is all about LETTING GO – Letting go makes room for something new; new energy, outlooks, body, and mindset…What no longer serves you?

THIS WEEK’S JOURNAL PROMPT: Name a habit, food, or something that you could quit or let go of for at least a month in order to feel happier, lighter, or freer. 

THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITY: Clear clutter: set a timer for 5 minutes and clear out a drawer, or cabinet, or go through a closet. Notice how great it feels to open that drawer/cabinet/closet and see order.

Why wait for New Year’s to create momentum for your future? Many New Year’s Resolutions fall short because they’re built on an unstable foundation. Learn to make space for change with us! @findyourroadhome and @infinitesynergywellness are collaborating to show you how to create momentum in November, have a BLAST in December, and then join us in January for a Road Trip to Change Your Life and Food and Fitness with Terri.

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