Thursday, Nov 3 – 3 Card Reading


SAVE: Something you will need in the immediate future is given to you today. We can’t tell you what for, only that you will need it. So embrace it. Don’t waste the opportunity. Save all you learn for what is coming.


TENT: The Universe is trying to give you a place to rest, temporarily. Sometimes we are given shelter that feels like home, but it was only intended to be temporary. That’s all this is. So use this season to take a break, but then get back to your journey. You aren’t finished yet.

Watch for/Remember

RICH: What makes you feel like the richest person on the planet? I don’t mean money either. I mean what makes you feel like a Queen? That’s what’s called for at this time. 

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  1. katriter says:

    Another wonderful. Right on reading 💕 This is the height of each of my days. Thanks for the inspiration. Love you and all you do for others.


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