What is a Road Trip?

Over the last few months, many of us have become reliant upon Find Your Road Home’s 3-Card Reading. It’s okay to admit it, I feel exactly the same way. My day isn’t complete until I’ve heard those three 4-letter words. 

In addition to the 3-Card Reading, there is a Road Trip Reading. Road Trip Readings help when we find ourselves beginning new adventures. Road Trips provide choices, possible consequences of choices, and the ability to look a few steps forward and backward. 

The beauty of a Road Trip Reading relies on all of the features of the Turn Signal Oracle Deck combined with the meaning of the 4-letter word. Let’s take a closer look!

Road Types


Buckle up because this is going to move fast.


There is a cost associated with this one, and it will also be fast.


Go with the flow.

Dirt road

Take your time and enjoy the experience.


↑ Look to the future.

↓ Look to the past

↕ Look to the past, present, and future.

↔ A change is needed


(FIRE) action is required or coming. You will be more social, and much more inspired. Everything has a positive spin. 

(WATER) emotions and relationships. Everything is meant with positive intent, even if there’s some negative connotation.  

(AIR) opportunity to shine if you can leave your head. You’ve been making brilliant plans that need to be shared and clarified.

(EARTH) growth and grounding. Are your expectations even realistic? 

Traffic Lights

GO: Keep moving forward and take action accordingly.

YIELD: Slow down a bit. It is time to think and probably to make a turn. Be careful, the only options are never just right or left. 

STOP: Stop immediately. You are doing something that is impacting you or others and immediate redirection is needed.

Sample Road Trip

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