November Fall Force Episode 3 of 4

Welcome to Week 3 of November Fall Force!

Who’s energy is this? Also known as the “The Shit Sandwich” Scenario:

We are all empaths. We pick up on other people’s energy. Think of a time when you just “had a gut feeling that something was off” or looking at a picture that “says a thousand words” or hearing a song that evokes emotion from you…those emotions emit energy. We are consuming that energy from To paraphrase Esther Hicks in her book, Ask and it is Given, when you’re feeling a negative emotion it means that you’re out of touch with your higher self. It generally means that you are allowing a situation or a person to calibrate how you feel at this particular moment. Terri likes to call this the “Who’s shit sandwich is this?” Scenario. Pardon the disgusting expression, but it is meant to shock you.  We invite you to pause this week and take note of any time that you’re not feeling up to par and ask yourself that question. Sometimes the answer is “It’s mine…I have something to own, something to process.” The answer could also be: “HEY! Wait a minute….this isn’t mine!?! No thank you, this is YOURS. I refuse to give my power away to this situation/scenario/person. Thank you, but no thank you.” 

JOURNAL PROMPT – Any time that you just don’t feel normal, ask yourself, “who’s shit sandwich is this” and free write in your journal.

THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITY: If you are feeling a negative emotion, remove yourself from the situation. Then ask yourself the question, “who’s shit sandwich is this?”

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