Friday, Nov 18 – 3 Card Reading

Mind came up again – what is your soundtrack!


MIND: One of our greatest enemies can be our own mind. We can get stuck there, repeating the same foul message, over and over. 

When paired with another deck, the partner card will help you pinpoint the source of this negativity and create a new and more positive recording to play next time.

DIRT: This is the partner card: Sometimes the path can be more rugged than others. Just because it poses a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the extra effort. Usually, the toughest climbs offer the most beautiful vistas. Don’t be afraid to keep trekking on, even if you can’t see clearly ahead. 


REST: Every strong spirit knows that occasionally you have to take a break and recharge. It may be to rest, but it may also just be to remove yourself from the situation. Whatever the reason, now is the time.

Watch for/Remember

FOOL: It isn’t that you are foolish. You are inexperienced. Yes, I said it. Watch for the first step. It is up to you to figure out the rest of the way. Good luck.

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