Thursday, Dec 1 – 3 Card Reading

It is officially December and we can wear any Christmas fun that we choose. Go away grinches!

What did you wear on your head today?


SEND: The Universe is full of everyone’s swirling energies, intermingling, tickling, and taunting. Depending upon the message you put out, you will receive energy back. What energy are you attracting? How can you attract the energy you desire?


MUST: Here we are with those entitled feelings again. Where are they coming from? Let’s be clear, there is nothing in this world we have to do.

Watch for/Remember

WENT: It is okay to revisit the past, and when growing, sometimes we have to revisit the past. We need reminders of previous happiness, sadness, mistakes, and adventures. We need reminders about what to try again and what to avoid. What lessons from the past do you need to revisit?

BUT do NOT get stuck there. Something is telling me that someone isn’t living their life because they are getting stuck. It’s okay. Take a baby step.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶

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