Monday, Dec 5 – 3 Card Reading

Make an Impression Monday – how did you show up to represent YOU


PAIR: Get yourself a thinking partner. It can be a partner, or it can be someone you trust to keep your best interests in mind (then you do the same for them). Whatever you are going through just needs a double dose of wisdom so you can continue growing.


CARE: Self-care is more than hair and nails. We must nurture our inner spirit to help it find the best path for growth. If you are seeing this card, you need to pause and take care of yourself. This needs to happen regularly. Let’s get it scheduled.

Watch for/Remember

WIND: Nothing poses more danger to a flame than a gust of wind. We never know when that wind will extinguish our light. Strengthening our conviction and maybe even our core will help protect that flame. If you stand strong, it can withstand any wind. Even the big bad wolf.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶

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