Tuesday, Dec 6 – 3 Card Reading

Tacky Tuesday! I’m actually pretty mellow for what I would consider tacky. I added an ugly headband. You can see it on Insta if interested.

Looking for some insight into 2023? Book a Holiday Reading. Each Holiday Reading includes an outlook on love, health, play, and purpose. You will receive a video of the reading AND a pdf of the reading and details. Click the Holiday Reading link at the end of this post if interested.


HELP: Everyone eventually needs someone or something to help in certain situations. Someone needs help right now. It may be you, or it may be a friend. What can you do?


REST: Every strong spirit knows that occasionally you have to take a break and recharge. It may be to rest, but it may also just be to remove yourself from the situation. Whatever the reason, now is the time. A well-deserved break now allows you to shine brighter later.

Watch for/Remember

MINE: There are people who walk this Earth with protective coats – nothing sticks to them. Unfortunately, you are not one of those people. It’s time to own it. Be open to the feedback and adjust.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶

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