Friday, Dec 9 – 3 Card Reading

Free Play Friday – do something fun to represent your culture this holiday season!

For YOU: PARK: Your life has become much too serious and it is beginning to dim your inner light. Children seem to be the only brutally honest beings with enough resilience to still play, even when they are struggling and in pain. What would your childhood self say to you now?

For SOMEONE ELSE: DIRT: Sometimes the path can be more rugged than others. Just because it poses a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the extra effort. Usually, the toughest climbs offer the most beautiful vistas.

Watch for/Remember: EXIT: Let me be frank with you – get out. Pack your bags and leave. Walk out now. Don’t come back. Whatever you are asking about, the reason you have struggled is that it is NOT your path.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶

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