Monday, Dec 12 – 3 Card Reading

Make an Impression Monday – how did you show up for YOU today?

For YOU: GAME: For many, life is just a game. A way to get ahead. A way to win. We don’t always mean to play games, and this is an opportunity to evaluate your intentions regarding yourself or someone else.

For SOMEONE ELSE: MINE: There are people who walk this Earth with protective coats – nothing sticks to them. Unfortunately, you are not one of those people. It’s time to own it.

Watch for/Remember: REST: Every strong spirit knows that occasionally you have to take a break and recharge. It may be to rest, but it may also just be to remove yourself from the situation. Whatever the reason, now is the time.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶 Tuesday is Tacky Tuesday! Don’t forget!!

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