Friday, Dec 16 – 3 Card Reading

Free Choice Friday: I finally get to wear this ugly sweater! It jingles, so it probably won’t last through the day because, for some reason, the jingling bugs me. Not sure why. But it is UGLY.

For YOU: WIND: Nothing poses more danger to a flame than a gust of wind. We never know when that wind will extinguish our light. Riding on that wind is change. Sometimes it is sweet like honeysuckle, other times it’s like a pig farm. No matter what, we protect our flame until the wind passes or we learn to ride it. 

For SOMEONE ELSE: GROW: It’s a proven fact that people with a growth mindset are happier people. They want to improve and get better. They see failure as an opportunity. Stay open to new ideas.

Watch for/Remember: LEAD: It is said that good leaders do not walk in front of you but instead beside you. They offer inspiration, coaching, and an ear to listen.

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶 Tomorrow is Simple Saturday. A day just for you to be, well, you. How can you show up for you tomorrow?

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