Wednesday, Dec 21 – 3 Card Reading

Wordy Wednesday – what motivation are you putting out into the world today?

For YOU: YOUR: We keep our inner light shining by owning our daily actions, good or bad.Take a moment to reflect. How have you impacted this situation? How can you own it and move it forward?

For SOMEONE ELSE: FUEL: In order to keep your inner light burning you need some fuel. This is different from nutrition. It is what your soul needs. That underlying motivation.

Watch for/Remember: PARK: Your life has become much too serious and it is beginning to dim your inner light. Children seem to be the only brutally honest beings with enough resilience to still play, even when they are struggling and in pain. What would your childhood self say to you now?

Holiday Dress Up 🎄🎅🤶 Tomorrow is Top-it-off Thursday – wear those crazy hats, earrings, or anything on your head!

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