Sunday, January 1 – 3 Card Reading

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For YOU: JOIN: While being alone can be comforting to many, the best way to grow still requires others. Find a team. Join a group. You need to be part of something that is bigger than you so you can adjust your perspective. When paired with another deck, the partner card will point you toward your people.

For SOMEONE ELSE: DIRT: Sometimes the path can be more rugged than others. Just because it poses a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the extra effort. Usually, the toughest climbs offer the most beautiful vistas. Don’t be afraid to keep trekking on, even if you can’t see clearly ahead. When paired with another deck, the partner card represents the effort or the reward. It’s up to you how you see it.

Watch for/Remember: GLOW: Our inner light is often a beacon for other struggling souls, even when we are struggling. This is an opportunity for you to use your light to spotlight someone else’s path for them. Use this opportunity to lead by example. When paired with another deck, the partner card helps identify what that opportunity might be.

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