Wednesday, January 4 – 3 Card Reading

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For YOU: TREE: A tree symbolizes life. The roots support the entire system and bring in nutrients. The trunk supports the entire system linking the roots and the branches, while also lifting up the branches as high to the sun as possible. The branches and leaves support the entire system bringing synthesized nutrients to the rest of the tree. What is your system of support? When paired with another deck, the partner card, at least one system is identified.

For SOMEONE ELSE: Y’ALL: Behind every good man is a stronger woman. Behind every strong woman is a team of stronger humans. Who is your team? You might feel alone, but you have a team. When paired with another deck, the partner card lets you know who they may be. Give one of them a call (or text). Make sure they are okay.

Watch for/Remember: OVER: There are some who think of endings as full of sorrow. But if you really think about it, an ending for one is just the beginning for something/someone else. Take a deep breath. When paired with another deck, contemplate the partner card. You may not have chosen this, but it’s a good thing. You have got this!

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