Wednesday, January 11 – 3 Card Reading

For YOU: SOAR: Once the plan is complete, and you have all of your ducks in a row, it is time to act. It’s time to DO and make it happen. This card is your sign that you are ready! Take that first step. Believe in what you can do and accomplish! If you still aren’t sure, when paired with another deck, the partner card lets you know what that first step is.

For SOMEONE ELSE: MINE: There are people who walk this Earth with protective coats – nothing sticks to them. Unfortunately, you are not one of those people. It’s time to own it. Own what you ask? When paired with another deck, whatever the partner card says, you need to own. Be open to feedback and adjust.

Watch for/Remember: YOUR: We keep our inner light shining by owning our daily actions, good or bad. Take a moment to reflect. How have you impacted this situation? How can you own it and move it forward? When paired with another deck, the partner card gives you answers.

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