Tuesday, February 28 – 3 Card Reading

For YOU: OPEN: Our inner light shines brightest when there are no obstacles in the way. When we are living our most transparent life. Life without limit. Life without judgment. Life without preconceived definitions. Let the partner card get you back to that state when paired with another deck.

For SOMEONE ELSE: UNDO: If only life was like a word processing tool and we could hit the undo button. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple. You’ve done something that you need to undo. It could mean reversing it, stopping it, or just redoing it. When paired with another deck, the partner card will help you decide.

Watch for/Remember: ABLE: There’s a saying that God only gives you what you can handle. The truth is you can take ANYTHING once you decide you can. Whatever you are asking about, you can do. Keep a positive outlook and you’ve got this. Let’s go! When paired with another deck, the partner card is what you can do OR the strength you can call upon to get through your trying times.

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