Thursday, April 20 – 3 Card Reading

For YOU: VIEW: Dozens of stimuli impact us at one time and it is up to our brains to make sense of it all. Some can process more stimuli at one time than others. No matter how quick you are, this card is a reminder that we all have to be extra attentive at times, and now is one of those. When paired with another deck, the partner card might offer a lens to look through.

For SOMEONE ELSE: MINE: There are people who walk this Earth with protective coats – nothing sticks to them. Unfortunately, you are not one of those people. It’s time to own it. Own what you ask? When paired with another deck, whatever the partner card says, you need to own. Be open to feedback and adjust.

Watch for/Remember: MORE: More, more, more. Some people can never get enough. More money. More food. More fun. More time. More, more, more. When paired with another deck, the partner card will help you balance your wants and your needs. No one wants an entitled friend.

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