Tuesday, May 9 – 3 Card Reading

For YOU: NONE: When you spend too much time focusing on what you don’t have, you develop a lack mentality. The self-talk associated with this type of thinking can be hazardous. When paired with another deck, the partner card will either help you flip the script and find the positive OR it will at least distract you.

For SOMEONE ELSE: BEAU: Those we choose to surround ourselves with are critical to our inner light. This could be a love interest or a potential friend. Someone you feel like you have known forever. Be careful, you don’t want to scare them away, but you will need this person. When paired with another deck, the partner card either guides you toward your interest or points out what might scare that person away.

Watch for/Remember: KNOW: Your inner light gives you that confidence you need. That confidence that screams, “I know!” Somewhere along the way, you forgot what you knew. When paired with another deck, the partner card is supposed to remind you.

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