Special Event: Activate Your Inner Joy & Self-love

During the Flower Moon, we reflected and processed an emotion no longer serving us.

We started by sitting with the emotion and recognizing that it once served an essential purpose. Then we allowed ourselves to slowly release its significance and Pavlovian response.

Now, we are ready to move forward and fill that now-empty space with some positivity, hopes, and dreams.

Join Krystal on YouTube to ground, visualize, and create more artwork to help give energy and light to our newfound aspiration.

Thursday, May 18

All you really need for this ceremony is to show up on your phone or computer. It is YouTube, so you can watch at your discretion. If you’d like to enhance the impact and fully participate in the activities, you will want:

  • water
  • candle
  • comfortable place to sit or lay
  • paper & pencil or pen
  • a quiet place to be present
  • acrylic paints, paint pens, markers, paper/canvas panel
    • Shopping locally: Five and Below or Dollar General (or WalMart)
    • Acrylic paints from Amazon
    • Acrylic paint pens from Amazon

Disclaimer: Activate Your Inner Joy & Self-love and all related activities are for entertainment purposes only. Krystal is NOT a licensed medical professional.

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