Friday, May 26 – 3 Card Reading

I would like to begin by apologizing for not posting the readings here for the last two days. They happened; I just didn’t get them transferred to this platform. I sincerely apologize.

For YOU: KIDS: Children are little miniature versions of our hopes and dreams. When paired with another deck, the partner card guides you to whatever it is you need to start new OR bring new life to something old.

For SOMEONE ELSE: PATH: We encounter many little dirt paths in life. Some serve as shortcuts. Others as detours. And some are just remnants of others’ adventures. When paired with another deck, the partner card is designed to define any paths around you. It is up to you if you want to travel them or if you want to turn them into a more permanent road. 

Watch for/Remember: CART: Just because we can carry the load, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. Unfortunately, this is a warning that something tough is coming, but you will be able to carry it. When paired with another deck, the partner card is either the struggle OR it could be the “tool” to help you carry the load.

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