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Extra Credit

A poem:

Open your eyes to the sun

Enjoy the glorious day

Your angels are here to help

By showing you the way

Look for floaters:
Feathers, seeds, or flower
Watch for signs:
Butterflies and zaps of power
On days the angels are noisy 
Their voices swarm and blur
Take extra moments to
Breathe and slow the stir
Our angels bless us daily
Protecting us and guiding
We just have to listen for
Suggestions they’re providing
May 13, 2015
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My first teacher, my mother

I got to grow up with a mother who taught me to believe in me.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Learning is our favorite pastime at Commonplace Cafe. In honor of Mother’s Day, we’d like to share a little prose.

  Young me:

“Grandma taught me to read,”

“Grandma taught me to listen.”
Older Me: 
Grandma taught me to memorize,
And my other Grandma taught me patience.
My mother taught me the most important lessons. 
She taught me how to treat others, about generosity.
To read people, understand their struggles, and how to empathize.
She taught me to listen to more than just a person’s words.
To question ideals and assumptions, especially generalized societal ones.
She taught me everything should have a little fun involved, 
And to appreciate music, playing, singing, and dancing.
She taught me to take responsibility for my own choices.
She gave my spark freedom, while protecting my spirit from harm. 
I can only aspire to teach my children the same.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom!
May 10, 2015