Turn Signals and Road Trips

Today is the day! EVERYTHING is live! You KNOW you need a road trip!

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How to Create Your Own Road Trip

Part 1: Creating the Map
Part 2: Turning the Map into a Trip

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Introducing Turn Signals

Learn about a Road Map for a tiny little Road Trip! It will be so much fun!


This has been one heck of a journey!

The cards are live.

The kindle book describing the cards is available for pre-order.

There is a journal and it is live.

Y’all, I’m a published author!

Check Them Out!!!

Two of the 11 decks have gone live AND the Kindle book that goes with is available for pre-order.

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Setback or blessing in disguise

I mentioned last week that I was going to launch the cards on August 13. In that process, I submitted the design to be sold and the website turned down the design.

I could see the flaw, and I appreciate the quality control. So I have a new design.

What do you think?

Colors Scheme

The colors are so bright and lively. Why these colors?

Just like the four elements, four colors dominate the deck: yellow (air), sienna (fire), blue (water), and olive green (Earth). Yellow represents something that shines. It may be a strength or just something that makes you exceptionally happy. Sienna represents happiness and positivity. Blue represents struggle or just something you aren’t particularly fond of. Olive green represents growth.

Stay tuned for a fifth element…

Why Turn Signals?

When I needed guidance, Find Your Road Home, was the phrase that stuck with my heart. How many times have you heard, “you’re just lost” while on your journey?

You aren’t lost. The spot you may find yourself in might be painful and you may not want to remain there, but that doesn’t imply you are lost. I challenge that is a cop-out.

Turn Signals are directions. Think of your life as a map, and each decision as a crossroad. It may be a two-way road, or it may be four, five or even more offshoots. Turn signals don’t tell you which way to go. Instead, they give you details. Words mean different things depending on where you are or even how they are said. So what tells one person to go right may tell the person next to them to go left.

I chose four-letter words because they are more common. I don’t want age, education, or language to be a hinderance to the guidance and direction you want/need.