Turn Signals – How To 3 Card Draw

Developing a skill for reading oracle cards doesn’t come immediately for most. Friends, I even have to check myself from time to time on the meaning I intended for the deck I created. Sometimes, the cards just say something else to you. I think that’s okay. It’s a tool for YOU, not for the person flipping the cards (and yes I know it’s more than flipping cards, just bear with me).

I believe in crawling before we walk. Heck, if you’d like to practice rolling over and sitting up, I understand. We are all at different places. For today, we are crawling. Let’s learn my favorite 3 card draw.

You – Help Another – Watch For

YOU: You won’t be given more than you can handle, but you must change and it includes going with the flow. Slow down. Prepare for potential emotions.

Help Another: An inner child is needed. The only way forward is to stop being so serious and enjoy the journey. Life is about the path, not the destination.

Watch for: A test. Someone is always out there trying to break your spirit. Stop and enjoy it for what it is, an opportunity to demonstrate that you have grown!

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Turn Signals Art Available

Have you looked at the thumbnails on the Turn Signals cards and just felt inspired? Maybe you felt like a print or a pillow or even a t-shirt might be nice.

Well, here’s your chance. I am putting all of the prints in Society 6 for you to purchase. The first two are pictured above.

Here’s a link to my Society 6 shop. Thank you in advance! Stay tuned for more.

Cards Kindle book Road Trip Journal Live Reading How-To Art Shop

Card Highlight: Isla


Meaning: To keep our inner light shining we often need to rest and recuperate. This may mean isolating to exercise, meditate, or even nap.

Road type: Dirt road – this is all about the journey and not the destination.

Traffic signal: Green – GO

Element: Air – this is about thinking too

Direction: Forward or immediate change

Cards Kindle book Road Trip Journal Live Reading How-To

Turn Signals and Road Trips

Today is the day! EVERYTHING is live! You KNOW you need a road trip!

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How to Create Your Own Road Trip

Part 1: Creating the Map
Part 2: Turning the Map into a Trip

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Cards Kindle book Road Trip Journal Live Reading How-To Art Shop

Introducing Turn Signals

Learn about a Road Map for a tiny little Road Trip! It will be so much fun!


This has been one heck of a journey!

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