Chakra Alignment II

Hey there! I mentioned this a week ago, but here’s more information on Chakra Healing II.

For Chakra II, we typically want you to have taken Chakra I (but I don’t think it is currently required). With a base knowledge of the 7 Chakras, another layer will be added about each chakra and how to heal them in pairs.

There will be weekly conversations. Initially, it will be Terri Mulvey Good and me. But we want you to share too. We will be asking for you to participate each week. This is about humans helping humans. What if you don’t want to share? That’s okay too. Everyone at their own pace.

There will be journal prompts.

There will be coaching and establishing some routines to support your chakra healing.

There will be weekly distance Reiki with individualized feedback and suggestions.

There will be access to an app to remind you to do all of these things PLUS provide access to a chat where you can share as a class/community. The app is where everything is stored.
In the app, there will be access to meditations, yoga routines, and other habits we will use to strengthen our Chakras.

If you are interested, please sign up asap! The deadline is Tuesday if you want the smudging-crystal kit on time.

Here’s the link:

Some of you may be surprised by the price for 1 month. Please remember:

  • This is a small business for Terri and Infinite Synergy is her company/livelihood
  • It is less than $50/week for your SELF-CARE — you are worth it
  • You will have access to several different workouts, meditations, and yoga flows designed specifically for Chakra healing in pairs
  • You will have access to recordings of all of the live sessions for 5 weeks
  • You will have 4 Distance Reiki healing sessions, a $200 value all by itself
  • You will receive ongoing coaching through the week based on your individual needs
  • You can take the course again for just $50 month after month (via recording, does not include Distance Reiki)

Friday Sept 9 – 3 Card Reading


Best: This is your sign you are going in the right direction. Whatever you are asking about is going to make you feel “successful.” Whatever success means to you.

Help someone else


Blow out the candle and your wish will come true. Create a plan and your wish can become a goal. Are you a child or an adult? No more wishes. Only goals.

Watch for

Dirt: Sometimes the path can be more rugged than others. Just because it poses a challenge doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the extra effort. Usually, the toughest climbs offer the most beautiful vistas. Don’t be afraid to keep trekking on, even if you can’t see clearly ahead. 

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Tuesday 3 Card Reading

Happy Monday-Tuesday!


Road: Paths are designed for short destinations. But roads are for long journeys. Roads are impacted by past and present, but are always positive and carry good intent.

Help someone else

Iced: There are times in this world when things just aren’t right. It could be the situation, or maybe it’s a person. We all have moments where we feel down and aren’t sure why, and other times we know with 99% accuracy the issue. Either way, we needed to feel bad to appreciate the good.

Watch for

Grow: It’s a proven fact that people with a growth mindset are happier people. They want to improve and get better. They see failure as an opportunity. Watch for an opportunity to grow OR a tool you can use for growth.

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Friday 3 Card Reading


None: When you spend too much time focusing on what you don’t have you develop what we call a lack mentality. The self-talk associated with this type of thinking can be hazardous.

Help someone else

Zero: Projecting a lack mentality is a sad way to live. It is all about how you look at things. Look for the value all around you. You have a beautiful life!

Watch for

Cart: Just because we can carry the load, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. Unfortunately, this is a warning that something tough is coming, but you will be able to carry it.

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Wednesday 3 card reading

Nest: When you buy a new home or move into a new space at work you have to nest. Nesting makes us feel comfortable and at home.

Care: Self-care is more than hair and nails. We must nurture our inner spirit to help it find the best path for growth.

If you are seeing this card, you need to pause and take care of YOU. This needs to happen regularly. Let’s get it scheduled. 

Core: When someone shines from within, it comes from their core, their heart. This card represents the heart of the matter regarding your situation. It may be the problem, the solution, or just something important.


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Turn Signals – How To 3 Card Draw

Developing a skill for reading oracle cards doesn’t come immediately for most. Friends, I even have to check myself from time to time on the meaning I intended for the deck I created. Sometimes, the cards just say something else to you. I think that’s okay. It’s a tool for YOU, not for the person flipping the cards (and yes I know it’s more than flipping cards, just bear with me).

I believe in crawling before we walk. Heck, if you’d like to practice rolling over and sitting up, I understand. We are all at different places. For today, we are crawling. Let’s learn my favorite 3 card draw.

You – Help Another – Watch For

YOU: You won’t be given more than you can handle, but you must change and it includes going with the flow. Slow down. Prepare for potential emotions.

Help Another: An inner child is needed. The only way forward is to stop being so serious and enjoy the journey. Life is about the path, not the destination.

Watch for: A test. Someone is always out there trying to break your spirit. Stop and enjoy it for what it is, an opportunity to demonstrate that you have grown!

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Turn Signals Art Available

Have you looked at the thumbnails on the Turn Signals cards and just felt inspired? Maybe you felt like a print or a pillow or even a t-shirt might be nice.

Well, here’s your chance. I am putting all of the prints in Society 6 for you to purchase. The first two are pictured above.

Here’s a link to my Society 6 shop. Thank you in advance! Stay tuned for more.

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Turn Signals and Road Trips

Today is the day! EVERYTHING is live! You KNOW you need a road trip!

Order cards here.

Order the description book on Kindle here.

Order the Road Trip Journal here.

Sign-up for a live reading here.

Watch how-to videos here.

Beginning Monday, there will be regular posts 2x per week, here, on the blog. If you would like to submit a question for one of those readings, please send all questions to

How to Create Your Own Road Trip

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