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Let’s Talk About Dreams

How many of you like to dream? I don’t mean the weird ones you might have while you are sleeping. I’m talking about the ones that make you get out of bed every morning. 

(Yes, I realize work/responsibility really gets us out of bed. But if we didn’t work, we couldn’t have dreams.)

Personally, I wish dreaming could be considered a hobby. Some of us just daydream (I consider that “in your head” dreaming). Others of us journal or keep a diary. 

There’s some really great research on the effects of daydreaming and journaling. I’d generally agree with both. My daydreams often are counterproductive, and journaling often results in a detailed plan.

Where I fall short…DOING the plan. Putting it into action. For me, once its detailed out, I’m bored with it. Do you understand how many ice cream shops, community centers, blogs, and hypothetical vacations I’ve planned? Me neither, but it’s a lot. 

Without action, my dreams are just words on paper. Without action, dreams are just happy thoughts in our head. 

Which is great. But what if our dreams could live?

Join me tomorrow night for a glimpse into Healthy Living Goal Setting. Then, come back Saturday to look at Goal Setting in general. I look forward to sharing some strategies.

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Motivational Monday – Dreams

To-do lists.




We plan everything

in our lives.

Vacation must see’s.

Kids’ extra-curriculars.

Bedtime routines.

What bill gets paid when.

If we find value

in hyper-scheduling

every detail of life,

why do we not

set personal goals?

Plan for the most

important thing…

Our dreams.

They provide hope

when life feels hopeless.

They propel us through

the mud and muck.

Give us a reason

to keep going.

A plan, a goal,

will give any dream



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Need to Reboot

Some days it’s too much.
The sun’s brilliance.

People bustling.

Traffic zipping.

What’s the reason?

How did we get here?

Who set these priorities?

I want to…

Find a nice shade tree.

Share a fruity cocktail.

Swap stories about living.

Instead, I shade my eyes.

Bustle through life.

And zip from A to B.

Who set these priorities?

It certainly wasn’t me.

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Change is only hard

when you’re afraid.

Fear of the unknown

keeps us doing the same

thing over and over.

Didn’t a wise man

once call that insanity?

Don’t let fear keep you

from becoming that

beautiful butterfly.


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Looking for Me

Mirror, mirror

What do you see
Young, naive
Loving, full of life

But ‘they’ aren’t

the mirror

She gets lost

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Pain, and fear


and broken spirit

‘They’ planted

the seeds of doubt

She watered them

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Joy and sorrow

Suffering and peace

Inner-strength and


Those seeds blossomed

into a field

of wonderment

‘They’ see it too

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Take a Chance

Vertical cliff.

No gentle slope.

Just a straight

shot down.

A situation

of great peril. 

But not if you

are prepared.

Treasures are


if only 

we are brave

enough to try.


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Last Night

I could have,

ya’ know.

All night long.

In a lounge chair,

facing the breeze.

Washing away 

my worries,

and massaging in

universal strength.

Nature’s music,

replacing my fan,

as sleeping sound.

I could’ve stayed,


Maybe nap time…


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Motivational Monday

I’ve seen this door before.

Last time, I walked away.

It was locked, and quiet inside.

It’s still quiet, but I think

I’ll knock softly.


I walk around the block.

Return to the door.

It’s red.

I know opportunity is 

just on the other side.

I hear voices.

Forget knocking softly,

I’m barging in.


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Little Girl Joy

Stood outside,

and looked up

at the clouds.

The sun 

peeked through

fluffy white 


When suddenly,

it begins


Just from my

little cloudlette.


paired with

a giggle,

was my response

to this gentle

hug from


And suddenly 

I felt 

5 years old,

with my


blowing in

the wind.


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Mysterious how

the light plays

alongside the dark.

A visual metaphor

for the duality

in nature.

If you listen carefully,

you can hear 

songbirds announcing,

“This is my tree.”

Like a choir

demonstrating their

love of God.

Even the screech

of the giant

hunting owl,

snagging it’s dinner.

What human analogy

can you imagine?

Spend a few moments

experiencing dusk

and remind yourself

how humans

are just animals,

with different priorities.