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Weekly Outlook: Something Different

Hey y’all, because Sunday (when I did the reading) was 11:11:11, I thought I’d do a little different reading. The significance of 11:11:11 is a stronger ability to manifest. Let’s do it!

For manifestation, and help with focus, we can pull 3 cards for Goal/Path/Advice.

For goal, we get Page of Earth, and all it really gives us is good news about finances and going back to school. From there, it’s vague. You have a new interest or passion? (What is it?) Your plans move forward (Plans for what?).

So, I pulled a Turn Signal Card. Isla tells us to meditate on it. Gotta love the Universe! As much as I want it to define the unknown for us, it is better that we each have our own goal. What is yours??

Rather than beat our head on a wall looking for info we can’t get, let’s look at Path. Here we have 2 The High Priestess. Practice patience. Aim before firing, and trust your intuition.

For a little clarification, we have the Turn Signal Card Exit. If your intuition says leave, do it immediately and completely.

Finally, what advice would be most helpful. If this is a manifestation reading, we want to actually achieve the goal, right? So our advice is the Ace of Air in reverse. Are you ready for this? We are supposed to embrace these new adventures, take risks to follow our dreams, and pursue innovative ideas. This sounds AWESOME!!

To get some clarification, I used Turn Signals and turned over Cart: A reminder it won’t necessarily be easy.

As you complete your meditations and identify your actual goal, please share! I’m going to sleep and meditate first thing in the AM. I’ll keep you posted on anything I hear!

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Weekly Outlook Oct 29 – Nov 4

Happy Monday everyone! Hope all is well with that pesky Venus Retrograde. As an Aquarius, I’m not feeling anything significant. Or I should say, I’m not feeling anything that isn’t just life. Life isn’t easy. Change has to happen.

So let’s discuss this week. It seems there are some interesting messages out there for us . I did notice my attitude came out in the Turn Signals deck this week (I was a little cranky last night). So I apologize in advance, but none of the snark is wrong.

IMG_7142For Monday/Tuesday we are presented with 17 The Star. This is WONDERFUL news honestly. The major arcana represent life altering situations. 17 The Star is letting us know that the challenging times are behind us and brighter times are ahead. All that really means is “less challenging” but as some of my former trainees used to exclaim, “thank you, baby Jesus!” On Oct 26 Venus started a new cycle. Just like Venus, we are now on a new beginning. We MUST set our expectations, follow our intuition, and manifest our dreams. We ARE on the right ROAD.

Then my snarky attitude popped in to add, as long as you Quit doing what you need to stop. You KNOW what that is. (I really love the pointedness of this deck)

I don’t know about you, but I have goosebumps. I think we all have a tendency to hang on to that one little bad habit. I mean, we can’t cut all of them, can we? Apparently, we need to.

IMG_7143Let’s see about Wednesday/ThursdayHere we have the Four of FireI’m telling you, “thank you, baby Jesus!” The gist of the Four of Fire is that life is GOOD. We should count our blessings. And if life isn’t good, then Exit the situation. Because anything that doesn’t fulfill our greater purpose, just isn’t necessary.

Yep, not much to that one.

IMG_7144And it leads us right into the weekend, Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Now that we’ve finally relaxed a bit and can breathe after all of life’s recent challenges, it is time to clear the clutter. For the weekend we have the Queen of Air, and in reverse (in other words, she means it). The Queen of Air wants you to cut out anything that doesn’t serve…both things and people (I think she was hanging out with Exit too long). But be logical about it. That’s what Mind is here to remind us. Think long and hard, analyze your instinctual responses, and get opinions if needed.

Important note: this clearing is not so that you can change. It is because you already have changed. These items no longer serve you, so get rid of them. You don’t want to take this unnecessary “garbage” into the next chapter with you. It’s a new beginning. Let’s help make it fresh.

Have a phenomenal week!!

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Bonus Weekly Reading Oct 16 – 20

Gooooooooooooooooooood Morning Friends!!! Since we are in the depths of Venus Retrograde, and I was a slacker and didn’t get your weekly post up in a timely manner, I thought I would give you an additional reading for the week.

If you read the Weekly Outlook post for this week, you noticed that the card for Wednesday/Thursday was 12 Awakening. For me, that screams HOW CAN WE DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT?!? Because you know, doing the same thing over and over is just insanity. It is time to overcome the obstacles from the past that have held us back. To top it off, we had Three of Fire for the end of the week – we start to feel successful but can’t stop yet. As we approach the end of the Scorpio portion of Venus Retrograde, I challenge you to take this to heart.

So I decided to ask the Universe, what is this awakening all about? Specifically, what is our target for change? The answer 18 The MoonWe each hide something about ourselves (some more than one something). Guess what? The Universe says STOP it! It is time. Go within, and seek, and more importantly, trust the answer. See your brilliant light and let it SHINE!

Tall order, right? Sure Universe, we’ve got this…we have been afraid and insecure up until this point, but we can turn on a dime and be confident. Right? I can hear many of you asking “but how?”

I turned to the Turn Signal deck and pulled one card for each day remaining this week. How can we embrace confidence and throw out our anxieties and insecurities?


Wednesday – Your – before we can do anything to solve a problem we have to own it. That’s what this card is all about. This insecurity and anxiety is yours. The only way past it is to own it and recognize that our words and actions have an impact.

Thursday – Hear – as we take ownership of our problem, we are going to have many offer their advice. While we may not follow everything offered, it is important to listen.

WARNING – from the weekly reading the next few days are supported by Three of FireWe can’t rest on our laurels yet, we have to keep working actively to overcome those blocks.

Friday – Fall – you have been feeling successful by owning it and listening to others, but sometimes we still experience a stumble along the way. It’s okay. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Determine the lesson that is supposed to be learned. Every struggle has a lesson.

Saturday – Ugly – more negativity, something that is not beneficial or is even harmful is happening. It isn’t easy overcoming blocks, especially these really old ones we are battling thanks to Venus Retrograde. Don’t give up!

Sunday – Isla – Don’t get discouraged by the steps backwards from Friday/Saturday. Isolate yourself for a little bit, meditate or relax, and keep 18 The Moon in mind – LET YOUR BRILLIANT LIGHT SHINE.

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Weekly Outlook Oct 14 – 20

Oh my! I conducted the reading on time this week, but I didn’t type it up for y’all. I am so embarrassed.  Please forgive me!

Good news though, due to my mess up, I’m doing an EXTRA reading! I will post it first thing tomorrow morning.

Now to catch up to this week! Remember, Venus is in serious retrograde (in Scorpio) and this is a period of significant change. This week’s reading just reinforces that.

IMG_6854Monday/Tuesday – We begin the week with 2 The High Priestess and Sail. The High Priestess card is early in the Fool’s journey, and this portion of the adventure is guided by emotions and feelings. What else is there so early? Certainly not wisdom, at least not yet. The period of change being thrust upon us is just more than we can handle sometimes. Just remember, you are supposed to be here. So suck it up, buttercup. Sail reminds us that while this is going to be very difficult, it will be worth it. We just have to have courage and recognize that staying afloat can equal success.

The fun part about posting readings late, you can check the reading to see if anything happened that could tie to what is said.

IMG_6856Wednesday/Thursday – Mid-week brings us 12 Awakening and Wind. So here we are facing these unexpected life changes. We are facing things we have ignored for much too long. Awakening says to us, would a different approach be better? Wind reminds us that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, change sucks. And sometimes, changes is not so bad.

IMG_6858Friday/Saturday/Sunday – Finally the weekend! Don’t get too excited though. Remember, change is hard. The weekend brings us Three of Fire and EastThe Three of Fire warns us that while we are feeling slightly successful during this period of drastic change, we aren’t finished so don’t stop now. We have to be patient. We have to promote ourselves. It isn’t self-centered, I promise. An important job is on the horizon. Again, patience. East throws a new loop into it all by giving us rules, structure, and responsibility. The job could be governmental, but usually East pertains to a lack of flexibility.

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Weekly Outlook Oct 8 – 14

Another week down. How was last week for you? Did you notice the beginnings of big changes? What about a new love interest? And on the weekend, did you pause and appreciate what you already have – because guess what, you’ve got everything you need. Unless you need jewelry. But that’s another post.

This week is going to focus on home and finances, good old Earth pops up twice and both times it’s in reverse.  If you’ll recall, that means we really need to pay attention to those. With Venus being retrograde right now, if home and finances is an area you need to improve, pay close attention this week – especially to the beginning and end – the Earth cards.

Check out what my favorite Astrology friend says about Venus Retrograde over at Astro Butterfly. Here’s an excerpt from their home page:

This is one of the most intense Venus retrograde we have had in a while. Why? Firstly, because it’s in Scorpio. Usually, that’s ‘enough said’. Scorpio is the sign of change and transformation. After any serious Scorpio transit, something inside you changes forever. Once you emerge from the storm, you’re never the same person again.

Scorpio is the sign of hidden things, so Venus retrograde will expose your most hidden secrets, especially those related to love and relationships. No matter how happy our relationships are, there is always stuff buried deep inside.

– from Astrology October 2018 – Venus goes Retrograde

Don’t forget, if you are interested on your strengths during this time, you can get a retrograde specific reading through the form below.

IMG_6766Monday/Tuesday we have the Two of Earth in reverse, and Zeal (Turn Signals). As you make decisions this week, remember, your plate is pretty full. The Universe says it is overflowing because you are doing too much. You may feel like you need to, but you should re-evaluate. Are you really gaining by working more/longer. Your full plate may also be keeping you from your true passions. If the two coincide, that will help, but my suspicion is that they do not. It’s rare for the Universe to say “hey, look, isn’t this great?!” Instead it usually says, “hey, change this, so that things can improve.”

IMG_6767Wednesday/Thursday we have the King of Air and Lead, a very powerful combination. The King of “think about it” encourages us to take advice from an intelligent professional because we are forgetting to weigh the emotional aspects (aka, our emotions are getting in the way). Lead says you will inspire others and offer guidance. You might be asking how, especially if we can’t separate our emotions right now. Well, actually, because you asked for help, that will be inspirational. Or maybe there is something else you have expertise in, and can offer support and leadership.

IMG_6768Friday/Saturday/Sunday we have the Six of Earth (reversed) and Tree. Another fantabulous combination (yep, I used a made up word). The Six of Earth reminds us that a grateful heart is rewarded with gifts of money, time, and or effort. Because it is reversed, it is even more possible or you will receive even more gifts, I can’t tell. Whatever is coming your way will make you feel like you are stable. Suddenly you have the confidence to let yourself feel strong. You know you’ve earned others loyalty and new career opportunities and paying off debts are becoming possible.

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Weekly Outlook Oct 1 – 7

Can y’all believe it’s October?!? People say in TX it doesn’t matter, but these cooler, rainy days tell me otherwise. Oh well, if it would just cool off 5-8 more degrees at night so I can turn off the air conditioner.

Y’all aren’t here to talk weather though. You’re here to see what this week has in store. We only have a few days before Venus goes full retrograde, and it appears she’s showing her signs early.

Monday and Tuesday bring us 8 Justice and Y’all. Remember, any numbered card is a major arcana and references major life events. 8 Justice is about a life changing decision. Sound familiar? Anyone between 73 and 77? Fortunately, Y’all let’s us know we will have support no matter what we choose. We always have a team, we just forget sometimes.

Wednesday and Thursday we have the Queen of Water and Zero. This one is interesting to me. Have you been having relationship problems? Are you feeling lonely? Zero reminds us we have a lack mentality. It’s all about perception. Are you lonely? Maybe. Is it because your spouse doesn’t like you anymore OR because life happens and you work different shifts? The Queen of Water says our relationships will evolve to new levels. They absolutely will when you shift your perception. Venus retrograde drives many to want that major love. Don’t discredit what you’ve got too easily. You may already have your soul-mate.

Finally, Friday, Saturday and Sunday offers us the Three of Fire and Very. Let’s start with Very, telling us to double-down on (or take extremely seriously) it’s partner, Three of Fire. Pause for a moment, do you feel that? Whatever it is you’ve been searching for, you’ve found it. You just may not have noticed. Pause for a moment. Celebrate. But don’t stop your forward momentum. Keep that fire and drive burning. You’ve got this.

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Weekly Outlook Sept 24 – 30

Bummer, bummer. Goodbye summer. Over the weekend, we experienced the Autumnal Equinox. Summer is officially over. And this week’s cards just cement that fact. It is definitely business as usual this week. Do note that everything may be busy, but it will be a happy busy (note the sunshiny Turn Signals cards – or Mac & cheese colored, both produce smiles).

Monday and Tuesday are brought to us by the King of Fire and our friend from the Turn Signals deck, Zeal. These two are quite a pair. As you know, fire is all about passion, and so is Zeal. The King of Fire is riding his dragon, and leading with vision – which is exactly what the card wants you to do. You may have to speak in front of a large group, or just a few folks. Either way, communicate with that vision. Right now, people are listening.

Zeal is about more than just passion. Zeal is about what you are willing to do no matter what someone else thinks or says. If they tease you, will you do it any way? Check out the photo on the card – it is Hope Outdoor Gallery. Everyone who puts their art up there, doesn’t care if someone makes fun of what they’ve made. They are doing it anyway.

What a great way to start the week!

Next is Wednesday and Thursday. Here we have the Knight of Earth and NeedThe beginning of the week saw us putting all of our energy towards the task at hand. Midweek is not any different. It is time to get things done. Have you been making promises and not following through? Time to stop that. Check out the Knight – doesn’t he look like Prince Charming. And what about the hair on that horse – can you say gorgeous?!

Need is telling us that getting all of this stuff done is needed. Do me a favor, don’t work yourself to death. Take breaks. The image associated with Need is of the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you ever heard the story? I believe someone died during construction. Apparently we needed that bridge that badly. That’s the point of this card. It’s remind us, gently, that we may not really need what we think we do. Do we really need to work ourselves to death this week? Weigh it out.

Finally, the weekend. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bring us a Major Arcana card. Ugh, life altering things on a weekend? Really Universe?! 5 Unity and Want5 Unity is letting us know that we want to expand our circle of friends or join a group. This could be done through school or even spiritual institutions. We are searching for meaning, and in the process we are going to question and review any rules, restrictions, or limiting beliefs so that we can really manifest what we Want.

The Want card, which amuses me follows the Need card, is about our innermost desires. The thing(s) we would do anything to achieve or get. It could be the partner card. Are you looking to expand your circle? Notice the big “Chase” across the center of the photo. Better yet, notice the different religions on the 5 Unity card. Touching.

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Venus Retrograde Reading

Yesterday, while I was waiting for Eric to finish donating plasma, I was reading an article on the upcoming Venus Retrograde. There have been so many retrogrades lately, and each one seems to have more influence than the previous. Astro Butterfly put together a lovely explanation and it obviously hit home for me. Venus goes retrograde in the same signs over and over, in a pattern that spans 8 years. So the last time Venus went retrograde in Scorpio was 2010.

Venus orbit around the sun. The loops represent the retrograde periods. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Why does it matter that Venus will go retrograde in Scorpio? Well, as Astro Butterfly points out, this is going to be a profound transformation.

In 2010, I was broken. I had broken my leg and was in the midst of a pretty significant personal transformation. So I don’t remember the retrograde impacting me much. I thought it was more my leg which started back in May.

But my husband…he actually quit one profession and tried to enter another. He was eventually successful, but it took a loooonnnnngggg time. Definitely much longer than 40 days. And we are still feeling the consequences of some of those choices.

Due to this period I remember as struggle, I instinctually felt a reading was necessary. I recognize I cannot stop what will happen, but I can definitely mentally prepare for it (or at least try) by checking with the Universe.

To start, I had to set up my space. I always face due North. Today, I turned the table (setting intent). Then I laid down one of my favorite acrylic flowers (it feels like pleather). The flower, for me, represents the Venus Retrograde pattern, but it also represents change and growth. Flowers are what allow the plant to potentially combine their genetics with another plant. That can mean significant change.

Next, I pulled out stones/crystals that seemed relevant. This is a step I would repeat for each individual. These stones are what work for me. Someone else may need different stones. They are intended to influence the reading into something happy, balanced, and strong.

Why is the selenite rod dividing the flower? The darker part of the flower (below the rod) are what we cannot control: the situation and our hopes and fears. You may argue that one can control their hopes and fears, but I argue you cannot. True hopes and fears are instinctual/reactive. You think you know what they will be but in a real-life situation, the truth always exposes itself. The lighter portion (above the rod) is what we can control, our power/strength/influence. Why not include other’s influence? Because this transformation is about us as an individual. In the end it doesn’t matter about anyone else. It matters what is in our own heart and how we react to that, instinctually and with all of our strength.

Are you ready? Let’s check out this reading. Warning, this is MY reading. It may speak to some of you, but it was focused just for me. If this resonates with you, you can either repeat it yourself on your own, or you can request one from me beginning Monday Sept 24th (stay tuned!).


What is the major transformation?

IMG_6569Nine of Wands points to strength. Fire cards are always about the energy and enthusiasm with which action is taken. These are intentions. These are your passions. The Nine of Wands stresses that my intuition and spiritual strength of vision transforming. Here’s the thing, the Nine of Wands is combined with Pond. From my Turn Signals deck, Pond represents murky growth. That type of evolutionary change that is totally messy, but worth it in the end. I have always had some intuition and spiritual strength of vision, but suddenly this seems like something more. Something larger. Something to share.

What are my hopes/fears?

IMG_6573I am jumping to this now, even though it was the final card laid. Why, because I want to outline the portion that cannot be changed before we go to my responses to the transformation.

II The High Priestess joins us here from the Major Arcana. The major arcana represent bigger picture and life-altering occurences. I am definitely worried about the bigger, longer term picture. I’d like to contain this transformation. Developing stronger intuition and spiritual strength of vision makes some people around me very uncomfortable. Will people still see my integrity or will they think I am a kook? The High Priestess reminds us of the duality of life and nature – light and dark. So I have a lot of fear. Want, from the Turn Signals deck says that this intuition is what I want more than anything. But I’m also terrified of what people will think.

So what is my power/strength/influence?

IMG_6570How am I going to tame this bucking bronco?

First we have IV The Emperor. I am able to handle rules and the structure of society – I certainly can. And Game from the Turn Signals deck reinforces that thought. Because I can navigate social norms, I believe I can convince others to find value in intuition and readings. I believe I can convince those who would normally be skeptical, partially because many wouldn’t expect me to go there. And partially because others would. I am terrified of what others will think, but this says more people will take me seriously than I expect.

IMG_6571Next we have the Eight of Cups. A water card. I laugh at anything emotional being a strength of mine, but who knows. Maybe I have grown in the last year. This is definitely an influence and not necessarily a strength (in my opinion). I reach points of emotional overload because I give too much and do not know how to set boundaries. Yep, that’s me, and this has been an on-going battle for dozens of years. I am going to take this as reassurance that I am starting to figure it out (because I have made good strides here in the last couple of months). To go along with the Eight of Cups I have Trip. Trip signifies a real or figurative journey. That says to me I’ve made strides but there are some larger strides coming in the next 40 days. If I am going to help people intuitively, I definitely have to work on boundaries. IMG_6572

Finally, we have Princess of Swords. This card is me. The description begins with “Earth of Air.” I’m an Aquarius (air sign) that is weighed down with a chart full of Earth signs. I find air cards to be snarky reminders of life typically, but this one hits home for me. “Quick, practical thinking. Vigilance. Intelligent. Strong willed.” The butterfly on the card represents constant renewal of thinking. Went reminds me that my past experiences have allowed me to build and develop these rational and mental skills. My ideas are on point. I have wisdom to share. Have confidence silly.

If you are curious about the stones/crystals I used, just comment. I’m happy to discuss. I didn’t elaborate here because they were more my way to influence the message as opposed to the message itself.

Stay tuned for information about getting your own personal Venus Retrograde reading. The special will run from Sept 24 – Oct 5.

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Weekly Outlook Sept 10 – 23


Good afternoon y’all! I know I am a bit late with this one, but the cards were deep today and I had to process it a little longer. Sometimes I am a bit too superficial with my readings, and this week, with the reading being a bit heavy, I didn’t feel right just bopping along and pushing it out.

Let’s start with Monday-Tuesday. I recognize we are over 1/3 finished with this one, but it’s an important start and it actually guides the entire week. Four of Air seems to be the theme for the week. We all need a little bit of time alone sometimes and this week it seems we really need to rest and regroup. No time? Start with a simple soak in the tub.

GAMEThe Turn Signals card paired with the Four of Air was Game. First of all, Game if the first
of three blue cards from the oracle deck this week. Blue cards represent seriousness and often the dark side of things. That’s part of the reason I needed to process longer. So what does Game have to do with Four of Air? Well, Game means we aren’t being honest with ourselves or others. The Universe knows the truth and knows that part of why we need this time alone is so we can stop playing all of these games, especially with ourselves.

As we transition from the beginning of the week to mid-week, we find 9 The Hermit. The Hermit screams more alone time. Obviously the game we have been playing is a little more serious than we realized. We have to seek the truth of our own heart. Fortunately, The Hermit also says we will get some good advice, so at least we aren’t completely alone. (Even my introverted self was a little concerned.)

QUITDon’t relax yet, the Turn Signals card paired with The Hermit is Quit. (I tried to warn you) The Universe is calling us on our BS. First Game and now Quit. This time, she isn’t telling us specifically what we are doing wrong. She just says, “You know what you are doing. Stop it!”

So, the first 4 days of this week are all about coming to Jesus with ourselves. We have to stop playing games and stop self-sabotaging. We have to find what is in and on our hearts and do more of that.

I’m exhausted already. Fortunately Friday-Saturday-Sunday give us a reprieve. The weekend is all about relationships. I guess if we fix our own heads and stop playing games, we will have more ability to enjoy our relationships, right? Anyway, here we have Two of Water. We have had a close relationship that we have been trying hard to heal. It’s working. Those relationships will develop new levels of intimacy, as long as we refrain from the games.MORE

The Universe is actually using this relationship almost like a carrot. The Turn Signals oracle card is More. We have spent a lot of time feeling entitled. But this week we had to take a step back and reflect on ourselves and the games that we play that are holding us back. The Universe is reminding us that these games not only impact our business and non-family successes, but also our relationships. If we want to keep healing, we have to reflect one more time (thanks a lot More) – what have we done to deserve this relationship and what more can we do?

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Weekly Outlook Sept 10 – 16

Good mornin’ y’all! Apologies that this wasn’t in your inbox first thing this morning. We have definitely tapped into an outlet that has lots of great advice for the week.


I don’t know about you, but I could use a little fire to start my week. Fire is all about passions, not love interests, but career and hobby type passions. The Queen of Fire is challenging us to stop second guessing ourselves and believe in all we can do and accomplish. We have to work in faith. When we work in faith, the Universe (or God) gives us what we need when we need it.

Wow – what a GREAT card for a Monday. And even better, it immediately made me think of the person in my life who exemplifies this the most – and it’s her birthday today! She’s 90 years old. My Grandma. Talk about a woman who worked in faith all of her life. We spent the weekend with her and listened to the stories all over again. As I age, I take away new lessons even though I could tell the stories myself. For those of you who don’t know my grandmother, she had polio at 3 years old and wasn’t expected to live a long life. And that’s just the first layer. Her story is remarkable to me, and even my son thinks someone should make a movie about it.

Okay, back to the reading. Queen of Fire means everyone needs to embody the spirit of Grandma, check. Zero says let’s add an extra kick to that Queen and remind you that you have been doubting yourself and it is festering into a lack mentality. Life isn’t easy, but you really have got this. Because you have faith. Oh! and I completely forgot, the Queen is reversed. This means we really need to pay attention to this message.


And here’s the Universe, being all practical on us. It is fitting since we are in Virgo at the moment. 4 The Emperor says we need a plan. We can act in faith all we want, but we need a plan. We need to get organized if we want to effectively walk in faith. Just think about it for a moment, we have to know what we want, right?

Zeal reminds us that we are talking about our passion here, and helping us focus as we make our plan. What is it we are willing to put out into the world and not care what people say?


The beginning of the week reminded us we were strong enough to accomplish anything, so go work in faith. The middle of the week reminded us we need a plan. The end of the week and weekend bring us a taste of what is at the “end of the rainbow.” 10 The Wheel says that all of these changes we are investing in are positive. There have been blocks in our life, and those blocks are beginning to lift. As they do, the reward for patience is going to come, and things will move very quickly. You probably should buckle up…

Your adds to 10 The Wheel by reminding us that our words and actions have brought us to this point – so own it!

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