Turn Signals: Help

I believe I missed a day again. Traveling really messes me up. I love Help. If you know me at all, helping is all I want to do for people. It’s a “green mean go” card, which means it’s an action verb. Even better, check out the photo on this one. The roots are unburied to strategically help hikers climb these trails.

The message is someone needs help. It may be you or it may be someone else. Check on your peeps

Turn Signals: Like (Tuesday)

Back to sunshiny yellow orange, or macaroni color cards. Both represent subtle inner joys. Things that make you happy but are like breathing, you don’t think about them.

Like is a Turn Signal reminding you to think about the simple friendships or relationships that bring you joy. Or maybe something you’ve enjoyed doing since you were a kid. What makes you happy?

Turn Signals: Fall (Monday)

Fall. The season that notes the end is coming, at least if you’re a flowering plant. For Turn Signals, Fall means to fail. The teal background means it can be taken negatively if you choose.

I prefer to ask, “what am I supposed to learn from this” so that I might have some lemonade later.

Weekly Outlook September 3 – 9

It’s a shortened work and school week, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have a ton to learn and do.

This week the Turn Signals demonstrate that we still have a lost to learn, or at least to remember.

Monday and Tuesday are full of trials and tests to see if we really have learned what is needed. If we have, then this crossroads really will go in our favor. 20 Renewal signifies an important change following confident choices. You’re going in new directions. Buckle up!

Wednesday and Thursday take you into the planning stages of your next steps with the Three of Fire. You’re following your passions, what can you do to promote it? Think about how you would feel, or how someone on the receiving end would feel from your services? Run with that.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday find you still working hard. Passion and fire are great, but hard work and good planning are also important. You may already know this, but you seem to have forgotten. Hard work and good planning bring a confidence that can propel you forward.

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Turn Signals: More

Today’s card, More, you’ll notice is on the teal background. This means this card is focusing on negative aspects or shadows in our life. Notice the little devil in the image? He’s bringing attention to our impatience. We want more but we haven’t exactly done anything to deserve it. We feel entitled.

When this card surfaces in a reading, you are being asked specifically what can I do differently. Well?

Turn Signals: Glue

Fell behind by 1 day. Let’s catch up quickly.

Glue is one of my favorites. Notice it’s on the bossy flamingo background. That means this is considered positive. The photo is of the backside of a sign. The sign is constant, and the paint is constant. But the look and feel change with each new artist.

That’s kind of what glue is all about. Consistency. The root staying the same. Holding it all together no matter what color you get painted. Your inner fabric and what make you, you. Those are all things that can be covered up, but eventually the real you WILL surface.

Turn Signals: Tree

Today’s card is Tree. I love this one, and this image from the trails at Hamilton Pool exemplifies the meaning of this 4-letter word. Just look at those roots and the base of the tree. Tree is all about being strong and being the stability in an otherwise turbulent time.

If you are partnering with Tarot or Angel cards, the partner card will help pinpoint the characteristics you need, either to be stronger, or to help focus the situation.

All cards in the Turn Signals deck have specific colors. This sunshiny yellow will be on all cards relating to your internal shine and gifts you share with the world.

Turn Signals: Lead


Introducing Turn Signals – Oracle Cards

Isn’t she beautiful? While I wait for the first produced deck to arrive I thought I’d highlight a card each day. First, the deck is called Turn Signals. How perfect is that?!

The card itself, Lead, is all about inspiring and offering guidance. This card alone may be all you need, or maybe it will help to partner it with an Angel or Tarot card.

The green border represents the action verb and DOing. The photo is from Hamilton Pool (here in Austin), and is a reminder to be gentle with those we lead. It’s all a process, and we are all at different stages.

Take 2 – Oracle Cards

SQUEE!!! What do y’all think about this round? I went ahead and changed the font because it was a little different and I didn’t want to turn anyone off. This new font is probably much too safe. I just prefer tomato A’s to pear A’s (if that makes any sense to anyone).

I’ve only made these edits to this 10, so 78 to go. What do you think?

Introducing Find Your Road Home Oracle Cards

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