Weekly Outlook Aug 27 – Sep 2

Are you ready for another stellar week? It’s going to be fabulous!

Monday and Tuesday are going to be interesting. 8 Justice combined with Tree. Both are strong cards, one from the Major Arcana, and the other literally representing strength and stability.

8 JusticeJustice tells us we are trying to make a decision OR a decision is going to be made in our favor. It also says we need to do what is right, take responsibility for our actions, and stand up for our beliefs.

Tree lets us know that Justice is what makes us strong, dependable, and loyal. It is why people rely on us. We do what is right, take responsibility, and stand up for what matters.  Tree also means we have to work on something. Since decision making is a repeated theme in our readings these days, I’m going with that is what we have to work on. Making a decision and/or having faith a decision will work in our favor (probably that last one).

Three of Air reversed


Wednesday and Thursday piggy-backs off of something from Justice that I left off. One
last add-on to Justice is issuing or accepting an apology. The Three of Air and Need signal two things: something from the past has or will resurface and we have to forgive. Easy enough, right? Well, this one looks like we will need a mirror. Whatever is resurfacing from the past makes us sad, and eventually we will learn to accept and deal with it. We have to release and forgive yourself for our choices. The Three of Air paired with the Need card means that we REALLY have to do this in order to move forward.

The weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) is our reward for all of that self-healing and introspection 0 The Dreamerfrom the Three of Air. Once again we are visited by the Major Arcana. 0 The Dreamer and Glue are the theme for the weekend. In regular tarot decks, 0 is always The Fool. I like that in Angel Cards it is represented as a Dreamer. It doesn’t make us any less foolish, but it has a more positive representation. The Dreamer is all about believing in yourself, finding creative solutions, moving forward, and being optimistic. Quite frankly, that’s what the entire week is about. Deciding what you want to do. Clearing the last hurdles (the internal ones). And moving forward.

Glue showed up to the party to remind us that dreaming is part of who we are. We can’t lose sight of taking that leap of faith. We have spent enough time lately “in the box” and it is finally time to believe in ourselves, be optimistic and have faith, and just take that first step. We’ve got this!

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Never Give Up!

If you read this week’s outlook, you know that Monday and Tuesday were about giving it your absolute best (Knight of Earth). Wednesday and Thursday are about making a tough decision, in the spirit of love and healing (Seven of Water). And Friday and the weekend are all about strengthening a relationship (Two of Water).

Decision quoteTo me, best = prepared. So I thought I’d see if a reading would help us with our decision coming up. I might be working on the weekend plans too, but that another post for another day.

<Warning, there are 2 Air cards in this one. The angels are feeling a tad snarky today.>

Three-card TuesdayThe first card answers what to do or where to focus. Like the lead unicorn on the Eight of Air, we have to act with faith when making our choice. Then act with conviction once it has been made. We’ve been deflecting ownership of our current shituation. The Mine card from the oracle deck is telling us to “own it.”

As we try to make our decision, our way of thinking might be different from those we poll, and we might even lock horns like the two unicorns on the Two of Air. The East card from the oracle deck warns our thoughts are a bit out of the box for the professional, straight-laced thinking populace. DON’T let this discourage you! For this card, we asked what to avoid or not do. So don’t let the establishment bring you down (hehe).

Finally, remember, 9 The Hermit says sometimes you just have to be ok with who you are. Live outside that box. The West card says the opposite of the East card. It represents lawlessness, exploration, and trying new things. Just follow your heart. In the end, your heart never goes out of style and shouldn’t steer you wrong.

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Weekly Outlook August 20 – 26

I need to apologize. I am going to share this week’s reading through pictures, but I won’t be writing out an explanation.

As I processed this one, I feel it ended up very personal. The crystals. There was music. And now I kinda feel like keeping it private – because if y’all see it, you may jinx it.

I thought I could share the cards at least. I will also explain the oracle card’s intent since they aren’t exactly published.

Have a fabulous week!!


Knight of EarthBest – this Oracle card means “giving it your all.” After all, that’s the best anyone can do.


Seven of WaterView – this oracle card is reminding you to process every observation while making your decision.


Two of WaterPark – What would 6 year old you do? Childlike play and wonder.

It’s really a great week. I hope these apply to someone else out there too. If they do, enjoy your weekend!!

Weekly Outlook August 13 – 19

Good morning lovely (and probably a few not-so-lovely) people!

It’s Monday, which means time for another reading. It’s another good one, at least I think so.


Queen of Air & Must

The Queen of Air may refer to a situation or a person. If a situation, see through any hidden agendas. Also, remove anything or anyone that no longer serves you.

If a person, he/she will be insightful, perceptive, not too serious, a perfectionist, not judgemental, oh, and single.

The Must Card is exactly what it says – you really need to do this. It’s necessary.


Two of Earth & Very

The Two of Earth screams “you’re doing too much” and that’s why you are stressed. And maybe it’s not that you’re doing but more that you’re stressing. If you want to be successful right now, you have to lighten up. You might consider a more playful approach to matters.

The Very Card stresses there is A LOT of stress right now. Balance baby.


3 The Empress & Kind

The Empress is from the major arcana, typically representing something a little more “life” relevant. She signifies that your creativity and hard work are going to pay off and anything you choose to nurture will flourish.

The Kind Card suggests your ideas will center around generosity and kindness, and those will bring more success than others.

It really sounds like another great week. Clear the clutter. Lighten up. You’ll be successful. Let’s do it!

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Weekly Outlook Aug 6 – 12

It is going to be a fantastic week folks! Just wait until you check out this week’s outlook.


Three of Water

Both cards are reversed, guess what that means? These are serious. You NEED to relax, have more fun, celebrate, or take a vacation. The problem? The more card says you don’t believe you deserve it. You definitely do.

Three of Water18 The Moon


18 The Moon

You’ve been stuck in this mode of self-analysis. Your intuition is HIGH. Guess what…the over card in reverse says you are done. You can’t think about it anymore. It’s time to focus on your dreams and DO something about it. Consider our DOVOLUTION.


Page of Fire New opportunities that use your passion are at your fingertips. They may pose some type of challenge, but you’ve got this. The y’all card means you have a team of people ready to support you. All you have to do is ask.Page of Fire

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Weekly Outlook July 30 – Aug 5

Oracle Cards

Beginning of the Week Trip Oracle Card

The Trip card from the new Find Your Road Home Oracle Card deck signifies a new adventure or journey that is about to begin. I love when things start on a Monday; it’s so much cleaner in an organizational way.

Bad Reputation (live) Joan JettJoan chimes in with Bad Reputation“You’re living in the past it’s a new generation.”  She’s just saying let it go. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Do what you wanna do. What a perfect attitude for a new adventure!

Have you ever just let loose singing a song? This is one of those songs that I can feel in my bones when I sing in. The fact that the live version is the one that popped up is awesome. The Universe wants you to belt it out too!



Your Oracle CardThe Your  is all about owning it and making it your own. As you embark on your adventure, and give up worrying about everyone else, you are going to need some extra confidence.  Your lets you know that you will have it.

Take your Time (Do It Right)I’ll be honest, I didn’t know who performed this song until now. Even that fits with the reading. The SOS Band has given us Take Your Time (Do it Right).  You may think of it as leftover disco, but listen to the words. I’m pretty sure it’s all about sex, but look at the words a little differently. “You know you ought to slow down. You been working too hard and that’s a fact. Sit back and relax a while, take some time to laugh and smile…” One of the best ways to save yourself is self-care.

As you begin this new adventure, keep that in mind.

End of the Week

Send Oracle CardThe Send is all about what you put out to the Universe. Most of us know that what you put out is what you get in return. Since we pulled this card, it is extra important to pay attention to this law of the Universe.


Stray Cat Blues, The Rolling StonesI am actually unsure about this one. Stray Cat Blues by the Rolling Stones. This one is about a runaway who is being pimped out and the John doesn’t really care. If we take into consideration the title of the album, Beggars Banquet we can make a few connections. If you spend too much time focusing on what you do not have, you really won’t have it. And eventually, you will try anything to get what you don’t have – even making poor choices like our little stray cat here.

As we are embarking on this adventure and sending out all of the negative, we need to include this “lack mentality.” Ship it away!

Weekly Outlook July 23-29

Hey y’all! This weekend I briefly attended the Body Mind Spirit Expo here in Austin. I learned about breaking connections, grounding, and most importantly start with what really works for me. That being said, we are shifting our weekly readings to music only. Music is the medium that works for MY heart. As always, if this week’s reading doesn’t apply to you, remember, it may not apply now – it could be in the future or you weren’t meant to listen. Hopefully, you were and this helps. Remember, I use Pandora and shuffle all of my playlists. (I try to keep a little bit of everything on there.) I forward 3 songs and start paying attention. May I present…the week of July 23-29 — Enjoy!! PS I added You Tube videos this time so you can hear it too. That could change the meaning due to your perception. No worries 🙂

Weekly Outlook July 16 – 22

Weekly Angel Card Reading Week 1

Good morning y’all! I just know this week is going to be amazing. How can it not? We are starting our DOVOLUTION!

Here’s this week’s outlook. It’s just a 3 card spread and no music, sorry. I just wasn’t feeling the music today. It happens.


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Weekly Outlook July 9-14

Hey Y’all, so sorry that this is late. I did the reading on Sunday evening and just hadn’t produced the slideshow.

I used the Native American Tarot cards again. I love the book that goes with them. The stories are fabulous.

I ended up doing a few more songs during my music reading. Then, I had to pull the same number of cards. That means a 5 card/song reading instead of 3. I decided to do daily insights during the work week and a single card/song for the weekend.

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Weekly Outlook July 2 – 8

The Universe doesn’t seem to recognize our US holiday, because it is business, as usual, this week.

Monday and Tuesday, we have to think outside the box.

Wednesday and Thursday, there is a serious, heavy push to learn and pay attention to detail. Nice idea considering so many will be lighting fireworks. Be careful out there! But seriously, have fun at night and keep focused on the prize during the day.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday take a moment to appreciate all of the great things in your life. Stop focusing on what you do not have. That solution you have been looking for, it’s right there. And, accept the help being offered. Stay in the positive space.

Enjoy the reading!

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