Little Paintings

Painting Gives Me Strength

While my family struggled with life over the last several years, I took up a hobby for ME. Painting. It started as an exercise in resisting perfectionism. It quickly became an outlet as LIFE became a constant unknown. Painting allows me to express happy when everything and everyone around me is sad. It was my daily rainbow while I struggled to find a job. And now it is a form of journaling, allowing me to release my emotions and express my place in this crazy world.

I use both acrylic and watercolor, but currently only have watercolor posted here for sale. If you are interested in some of my acrylics, please email to request a sample.

If you are interested in commissioning something, please email to begin discussions. My rates are VERY reasonable. Follow me on Instagram to see what my range includes, but know I am open to try anything if you are open to taking a chance!

Turn Signals Card Art

All images shown here are 4.5 in x 4.5 in and fit perfectly in a 4×4 mat.

Each image represents one Turn Signal card and is featured on that card.

In the next two weeks, I will set up the site to accept PayPal. Until then, we can negotiate through email.

1 for $5
2 for $8
3 for $12

Shipping is FREE!