Thank you for stopping by to look at my portfolio. Below you will find resources from my different adventures.

From Fathom Academy, check out the Swiftwater Rescue Course – Awareness level5mgcOvojKjN_80_DX1440_DY1440_CX1012_CY8101TsbrnbZ1gMLUCpoProvides insight into all of my production skills – collaboration with SME, tools used: Articulate, Litmos, and many other free or inexpensive tools (very grassroots).Use code AWARENESS when registering.

At Edgenuity/Compass Learning, I worked on many training, technical writing, and Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.54.08 AMresource creation projects. GoQuest Teacher’s Portal – Help and Training Resources is an example. Straddling two departments by owning our help system and our virtual training, I slowly began to integrate the two and it decreased training calls to our support line, significantly.

In addition to the CMS/Help System above, there are various resources/documents I have been able to collect from Compass Learning, including recorded webinars. The folder includes recorded webinars as well as Marketing requested documentation.

Thanks for stopping by!!