Thank you for stopping by to look at my portfolio. Below you will find resources from my different adventures.

While you may not think of teachers in this way, but almost 3.2 million of us became Instructional Designers this year. At Dessau Middle SchoolI have been helping my collaborating grade level team with “teaching online.” While most teachers were designing Google Slides, we were designing websites and working with our instructional data to adapt our instruction to meet our learners’ needs. We have recently begun working in Canvas. Once I have modules out of the sandbox, I will share those as well. (latest will be 10/13)

From Fathom Academy, check out the Swiftwater Rescue Course – Awareness level5mgcOvojKjN_80_DX1440_DY1440_CX1012_CY8101TsbrnbZ1gMLUCpo(You do have to register, but it should be free) Provides insight into all of my production skills – collaboration with SME, tools used: Articulate, Litmos, and many other free or inexpensive tools (very grassroots).Use code AWARENESS when registering.

At Edgenuity/Compass Learning, I worked on many training, technical writing, and Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 11.54.08 AMresource creation projects. GoQuest Teacher’s Portal – Help and Training Resources is an example. Straddling two departments by owning our help system and our virtual training, I slowly began to integrate the two and it decreased training calls to our support line, significantly. Unfortunately, these resources have been removed because the product was retired in 2016.

In addition to the CMS/Help System above, there are various resources/documents I have been able to collect from Compass Learning, including recorded webinars. The folder linked above includes recorded webinars as well as Marketing requested documentation.

Thanks for stopping by!!