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Change is only hard

when you’re afraid.

Fear of the unknown

keeps us doing the same

thing over and over.

Didn’t a wise man

once call that insanity?

Don’t let fear keep you

from becoming that

beautiful butterfly.


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Looking for Me

Mirror, mirror

What do you see
Young, naive
Loving, full of life

But ‘they’ aren’t

the mirror

She gets lost

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Pain, and fear


and broken spirit

‘They’ planted

the seeds of doubt

She watered them

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Joy and sorrow

Suffering and peace

Inner-strength and


Those seeds blossomed

into a field

of wonderment

‘They’ see it too

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Take a Chance

Vertical cliff.

No gentle slope.

Just a straight

shot down.

A situation

of great peril. 

But not if you

are prepared.

Treasures are


if only 

we are brave

enough to try.


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Something Different


Less complicated.

Just enough.

But not slower.



(If desired)

Or serene escape,

when needed.


Less things.

More doing.

More being.


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60 Seconds – It Makes a Difference for Everyone

Today we physically met the family that started “60 seconds” for me.

We met Ron & Jan Kimble. 


They run the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage.

Ron & Jan lost their precious daughter Jamie to domestic violence. 

We know their niece, and in April this year they were interested in increasing the number of likes on their Facebook page before Jamie’s birthday. So my husband and I jumped in, and took 60 seconds to share and invite our friends (my husband was amazing).

We did it! By her birthday they had the number of likes they wanted.

The best part, we have new friends who have touched our lives in a way no one else could.

Take the time to help others. You never know how it will impact them, and better yet, yourself.

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Survivor Saturday – What We Lose

There’s 2 ways to survive: overcome an awful personal situation, or be the remaining person in a struggle.

When we lose a loved one, we are a survivor. But we aren’t ready to survive without our loved one. We lose so much more than a physical person. We lose the future.

In 1995, we lost my father-in-law to cancer. If we look at just my immediate family (5 of us), here’s just a sample of what we lost:

  1. A father to give advice.
  2. A grandpa to watch his grandsons grow up.
  3. A father to say, “you’re a great dad”.
  4. A grandpa to play horse.
  5. A grandpa to teach about coins and money.
  6. A grandpa to watch them play soccer.
  7. A grandpa to hug at graduation.
  8. A grandpa to flirt with the future wife.
  9. A grandpa to take them fishing.
  10. A great grandpa to give a cigar when the great granddaughter is born.
  11. A father/grandfather to share family history.

While we lost these moments, we have kept TJ in our thoughts. We refuse to lose our memories. 

This weekend we are at a graduation for my husband’s family, my father-in-law’s side. I am watching my husband. Family is so important to him and I know he learned it from his dad. I know TJ would be so proud of him. I just wish my husband could hear him say it.

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The Storm Hits Home


Last week I learned my Aunt has lung cancer. Needless to say, my family is devastated. LeAnn, my step-mom, is trying to remain strong, but I know she’s crumbling inside.

Being in TX, there’s not much I can do to support them day by day. So I sent a bracelet. One for Aunt Jo. One for Le. One for Aunt Jonna. And one for Gma Becky. 

Every time they look at it, they’ll know I’m praying. Praying for the rainbow. Praying for the storm to pass quickly and with little damage. Praying for positive thinking.

Have someone who needs some hope?

Send a bracelet today. Free. Shipping is $3.50 (if I even remember to charge you). 

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Survivor Saturday – Suicide

I have talked to you about your death

More than anyone else.

It’s true what they say,

You can’t talk about it.

I mean, how do you say it?

My friend is dead.

What happened?



Because what do you say?

We are so programmed.

My first thought is always,

Do they really go to hell?

It’s no wonder 

We have no words.

No one should go to hell 

After living a lifetime there.

I’ve learned from you

That you didn’t go to hell.

Your spirit went with the rest,

Wherever you find peace.

Us survivors though,

We need to start talking.

Find the words,

So we can find peace too.

In the end,

That’s what you wanted for us all.



Suicide Resources:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Suicide Prevention: How to Help Someone Who is Suicidal  

American Association of Suicidology: Survivors of Suicide Fact Sheet 

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Coping with Suicide Loss

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Climbing Towards Sunlight

Clawing my way up…

Through the chaos and the muck.

Each year trying a path,

And each year reaching a dead end.

This time though, this instance,

It’s dark, and noisy.

The walls are slimy and I can’t grab hold.

My progress is slow and the chaos…

…is overwhelming.

Darkness, twinkles, a Cheshire Cat moon.

Feathers, butterflies, and a dandelion’s kiss.

Owls swooping.

Clouds swirling.

Where are the rainbows?

Signs the storm is slowing.

The ground will dry,

And my ascent can begin anew.

Climbing past the chaos

Into the warm, forgiving sunlight.

Have you seen the rainbow…


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Extra Credit

A poem:

Open your eyes to the sun

Enjoy the glorious day

Your angels are here to help

By showing you the way

Look for floaters:
Feathers, seeds, or flower
Watch for signs:
Butterflies and zaps of power
On days the angels are noisy 
Their voices swarm and blur
Take extra moments to
Breathe and slow the stir
Our angels bless us daily
Protecting us and guiding
We just have to listen for
Suggestions they’re providing
May 13, 2015