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Excuse me

HEY! Excuse me.

I’ve been here.
Waiting patiently.

Who am I?


To find me, 

Just do, then feel.

Don’t think…just feel.

It’s scary, I know.

So, I’ll stay here.

Waiting patiently.

Ready when you are.


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The words are like fish

in the tank at a pet store.


Swimming frantic,

as if speed increases 

their chance at becoming

something magical.

Destined to swim.


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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. – Margaret Hungerford, 1878

Many see beauty as a 

perfectly symmetrical face,

with hair “just so”

and chiclet teeth. 

Others see beauty as

angelic perfection.

Always happy, always agreeable,

always eager to please.

I see beauty as a

compilation of imperfections,

remnants of our unique experiences,

creating a mosaic we know as life.

What do you see?  
(Add 4 lines in the comments about what’s beauty to you. We’ll do a group collaboration.)

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Just another night

Sitting on my front porch.

Looking at the night sky.

Like a little girl I wonder,

are you up there?

I can just imagine you,

sitting on the edge of the moon,

dangling your feet into a crater.

Or spinning around

the mighty rings of Saturn,

pretending to be the needle

on an old record player,

while belting out

Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Just in case you are,

and you’re listening…

I miss you man.

Sing it again, for me.


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Motivational Monday – Laundry

We are in the midst of summer conference at work, so my mind is a little distracted. 

Today’s poem honors my nemesis, laundry. 

Swirling masses of hot air 

rise over the rolling hills.Tranquil waters provide refuge

to overheating humans.

Ding. Laundry.

Hold that thought while I fold.

30 minutes go by.

What on Earth was I writing about?

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Need to Reboot

Some days it’s too much.
The sun’s brilliance.

People bustling.

Traffic zipping.

What’s the reason?

How did we get here?

Who set these priorities?

I want to…

Find a nice shade tree.

Share a fruity cocktail.

Swap stories about living.

Instead, I shade my eyes.

Bustle through life.

And zip from A to B.

Who set these priorities?

It certainly wasn’t me.

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Looking for Me

Mirror, mirror

What do you see
Young, naive
Loving, full of life

But ‘they’ aren’t

the mirror

She gets lost

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Pain, and fear


and broken spirit

‘They’ planted

the seeds of doubt

She watered them

Mirror, mirror

What do you see

Joy and sorrow

Suffering and peace

Inner-strength and


Those seeds blossomed

into a field

of wonderment

‘They’ see it too

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Last Night

I could have,

ya’ know.

All night long.

In a lounge chair,

facing the breeze.

Washing away 

my worries,

and massaging in

universal strength.

Nature’s music,

replacing my fan,

as sleeping sound.

I could’ve stayed,


Maybe nap time…


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Motivational Monday

I’ve seen this door before.

Last time, I walked away.

It was locked, and quiet inside.

It’s still quiet, but I think

I’ll knock softly.


I walk around the block.

Return to the door.

It’s red.

I know opportunity is 

just on the other side.

I hear voices.

Forget knocking softly,

I’m barging in.


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Little Girl Joy

Stood outside,

and looked up

at the clouds.

The sun 

peeked through

fluffy white 


When suddenly,

it begins


Just from my

little cloudlette.


paired with

a giggle,

was my response

to this gentle

hug from


And suddenly 

I felt 

5 years old,

with my


blowing in

the wind.