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Mysterious how

the light plays

alongside the dark.

A visual metaphor

for the duality

in nature.

If you listen carefully,

you can hear 

songbirds announcing,

“This is my tree.”

Like a choir

demonstrating their

love of God.

Even the screech

of the giant

hunting owl,

snagging it’s dinner.

What human analogy

can you imagine?

Spend a few moments

experiencing dusk

and remind yourself

how humans

are just animals,

with different priorities.


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The Thief in the Night

I think that bird,

Or squirrel,

Or mutant animal

Is driving me mad.

Disrupting the night.

The whispering breeze 

through the branches and

between the houses.

You could hear it circle,

if it weren’t for that 

incessant chattering.


the crickets’ serenade

of chopsticks,

stuck on one note.


the familiar hum 

of a distant train

riding the rails.

Shush already,


I just want 

serenity back. 


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Motivational Monday – Language of Life

Colors awaken the spirit.

Red, orange, yellow

Numbers quantify.

Six, ten, thirteen

Weather feeds nature.

Rain drops,



Emotions spark: 




Peace allows us to hear.

Winds through the leaves.

Symphonies from birds.

Lullabies by crickets.

Colors, numbers, weather,

Emotions, and peace,

All decode a language

Called LIFE.


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60 Second Sunday – Cartoons

Have you ever watched the Avatar? Best cartoon series ever (next to the old Spider-Man). Anyway, today’s 60 Seconds is about giving your kid(s) time. Doing something they like to do. Learning more about them. 

(These are not in order of preference)

1. Watch one of their shows. In our house this is simple, the kids usually are on the main TV. When you watch their shows, you learn a lot about them. Avatar catches our attention every time its on, but we still watch Pokemon and anything superhero. Sure, we get some nonsensical TV, but we all do brain candy TV.

2. Have a game night. It doesn’t take long to play a game with the kids. I believe a little family competition is healthy. Again, you can learn a lot watching your kids strategize. One of my favorites is Apples to Apples because I learn how they think as they work through selecting the winning response. And of course there’s always Uno 🙂

3. Play a video game with them. It won’t take long, and maybe you just wanna watch. But either way, check it out. Whether it’s Minecraft, Call of Duty or some other game, you’ll learn how much real-life strategizing your kid can do.

4. Color with them. Great way to relax and disconnect, for both of you. 

5. Do a puzzle. Great brain activity and another terrific way to disconnect. This one takes a wee bit longer, but still awesome!

6. Read a book together. Maybe a chapter from a chapter book, or a favorite picture book. You can take turns doing voices, improvising the story, or even acting it out. 

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TBT: Railroad Days

Every summer as a kid, I looked forward to Railroad Days. I don’t have pictures because back then, film was for special occasions. 

Railroad Days meant freedom and exploration. Carnival rides. Stringy onion rings. Corn dogs. Fresh lemonade. Bed races.

As we got older, Railroad Days meant flirting with boys, and Street Dances. Dancing with friends. Lots of dancing.

If you are in the Galesburg, IL area this weekend, check out Railroad Days. Ride some rides. Take the train. Scope out the museum. Just have fun! We did.

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Sunshine in the Forest


Beautiful streams of gold.

Dancing through branches.

Tickling the leaves.

Accenting the wonder.

Highlighting the unknown.

Nourishing the giants.

Creating a magic.

Making fairies seem possible.

Lightening the spirits.


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Something Different


Less complicated.

Just enough.

But not slower.



(If desired)

Or serene escape,

when needed.


Less things.

More doing.

More being.


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Commute Sing-a-long Tuesday June 23

It was a great morning for the car radio. Haven’t shared a video in a while, thought today was fun, so let’s take a look.

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HLC Weekly Challenge Announcement

Grains! Have whole-grains every day this week (June 24-June 30). That means NO White Bread! 

Then, 1 day try an Ancient Grain. What’s an ancient grain? Quinoa. Buckwheat. Chia seed. That’s just a few. Check out this amazing resource from Fork and Beans. LOVE her love of learning!

Enjoy your week! Be Healthy!

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Motivational Monday: Surviving the Day After Vacation Ends

I cannot count the number of times I have heard “taking a vacation means twice as much work when I return.” Usually, I would agree.

We just came back from a lovely vacation, and I dreaded today. Historically, today would have been all about putting out fires. But it wasn’t.


I tried something a little different.

  1. I planned ahead. Prepare in advance for the week you return. Wouldn’t you normally plan that far in advance? I realize it is hard to focus as vacation nears, but the busier you are, the faster time moves. Use that time to be prepared, you’ll appreciate it.
  2. I managed email. First, set up your out-of-office message, and arrange for an emergency contact. Second, set up 2 folders: Monday and LowP. Third, check your email 1x per day (if you have phone access). Don’t reply. Forward urgent needs to your emergency person. File the rest or delete. Don’t spend more than 15 minutes.
  3. I prioritized. After returning, take your to-do’s and prioritize. Make sure you are set for the next couple days, and you remember where everything is. Then address your email and follow up with your emergency contact. By lunch, you’ll be back to the usual Monday.

What was my reward for this preparation compared to other years? My Monday wasn’t any more stressful than usual, and I was able to leave work at the office. A small victory, but wonderful nonetheless.